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Russian Olympic Team uniform jacket?

I really want to support the Russian Olympic team even though im from the US, I really want a Russian team jacket that all the athletes wear. Does anybody know where i can purchase one? I have talked to my Russian friend but she is out of the country for university right now


Yall have not been much help so i emailed the Russian Federation Olympic Committee for information on getting a jacket

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    Russian Olympic kits are manufactured by Bosco, the only store they have outside Russia in in London so I guess if you're in US then only way to get it is through internet. here is their website in English if that could help

    the second link is entirely in russian but they have given email address and phone numbers to contact on both sites, ask your russian friend to translate the language for you or use Google translate

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    Ebay or the Russian Olympic website.

    Use Google!

    And why would you, they're fcuking horrible - looks like someone had their period on them.

    EDIT: I SAID the Russian Olympic website - how do yall say that is not helping?

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    I'm trying too but with no success (so far).

    It's totally Nu-Rave. If you don't get it, you don't get it. Get it?

    Some people are still living in the 20th century

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    Glad to hear someone appreciates that fashion faux pas! :P

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    no clue, but u should take a shot of vodka and maybe youll find one

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