Is it apendicitis? Please help..?

Ok so im a 13 year old boy, and just a few hours ago maybe 3-5 hrs ago i started experiencing slight pain like a stomach ache on the right lower side of my abdomen, it feels like tiny stomach aches in just one side of my abdomen... I am nauseated and dizzy when i stand... Its not a bad pain and i dont think its apendicitis because I can walk and move and do jumping jacks and stuff without pain, and when i push down in the area and release there is not pain like normal apendicitis... Once in a while it will spread to left side... I can pee but im having a hard time pooping... Please help me its urgent i need to know

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  • 7 years ago
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    I am 14 and had appendicitis last year and lots of pain I couldn't bear it. I was screaming. So most likely you don't. It probably just a stomach ach. But if it gets worse go to the dr. :)hope I helped!

  • savitz
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    3 years ago

    By all manner, whether it is particularly painful move to a surgeon! Press down very deeply in your decrease proper stomach, keep it a moment and liberate it rapidly. If the anguish stays the equal while you press down however raises commonly while you allow move, this is a well indication of appendicitis. But a character will have appendicitis and now not show all of the usual signs. Fever is one other symptom. Only a surgeon can inform you for detailed. On the opposite hand possibly it is only extreme fuel and also you panicked

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