Can my router Port forward Minecraft?

Ive been trying to port forward minecraft on and off for about half a year now and Ive looked up videos and posts and I'm convinced i have done it right but it never works it cant even ping my router I have an Ericsson W35 Router and my Internet provider it CellularOne

When i type Command into the Run application and type ipconfig it says my IPV4 Address is and the server ports i use are 25565 I also have Windows 7 if that matters

2 Answers

  • kena
    Lv 4
    3 years ago

    To make it less complicated is to make your 2nd router right into a common Layer 2 change or simply put a switch where the 2nd router is to make it less intricate. Then that you could go into the first router the place your WAN is attached and use the port ahead. The one approach i will be able to consider of making use of port forward is that you just have to tell the first one to take it in, and then wll the 2nd one to take it in once more just to get to your computer. Very difficult.

  • 7 years ago

    All routers have some method of port forwarding. I am unsure, though, where you are stuck. Can you not get into the router, or do you not know how to forward the port numbers?

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