Is a 256gb ssd enough for my purposes?

All im gonna put on it are drivers games and windows 7. That is it. I do everything else on my dad macbook pro. Oh ya and steam. This is purely a gaming machine. If it runs out i can just grt a hard drive. My case has 10 hdd slots so im fine. But is 256 enough as i cant upgrade for another 6 months to a year.


W big should my windows 7 partition be?

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  • 7 years ago
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    If you're setting up a gaming only machine and you want your games to do some things faster, use an HDD for the operating system and drivers and whatever. Install games themselves to the SSD. Install Steam onto the C drive [HDD] but thwen you go to download and install a game through Steam make sure it sends it to the D drive [SSD]. My latest build is this way and gaming on it is great--even when I am in a 1000+ ship fleet fight in EVE. And, the days of partitioning hard drives for better performance and use of space are gone. About the only reason to partition a drive now is if you're trying to set up a dual boot system.

    Now, if you mean you have an existing Windows Vista system and you're adding an SSD into it to create a dual boot system and put Win7 on the SSD, then just put everything onto the SSD you want to do in Win7--games, drivers, Office, etc The only problem I cna think might happen is when Vista wants to auto defrag all the drives in the system. SSDs do not need to be defragged, ever. Win7 can auto detect an SSD and never tries to defrag it, VIsta has to be told to leave an SSD alone and only worry about any HDDs.

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