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Senior pictures helppp D:?

Hi I'm taking my senior portrait in a few days and need help D: I plan to wear concealer for my under eyes and foundation. I heard makeup with spf isn't too good when combined with flash photography. Is that true? I want this picture to actually look good haha. All help and tips are appreciated.

Oh, and one more question. I have braces -_____- so should I smile showing my teeth, or closed smile? Thanks again :D

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    i would stay away from any shimmer or sparkle because it highlights imperfections on the face.. which you DONT want. :)

    do go for matte looks and remember that sometimes you may get washed out so add bronzer as a contour.. but only ever so slightly... i used a spf foundation (loreal true match) and i looked amazing in my photo.. which is rare becaus i have acne marks and some acne flareups.

    i also went with a concealer 2 shades brighter than my natural color for under my eyes it will make you look more awake.

    i added eyeliner in between my lashes instead of on the upper lashline.. and this technique made my eyes POP ... i curled my lashes and added a few coats of mascara (maybelline colossal mascara) and my eyes looked great =)

    Source(s): if you go to youtube... watch: macbarbie07's picture day makeup look.. its PERFECT for pictures and she also has a hair tutorial.
  • I recommend smiling with a closed smile unless you have ceramic braces. Be sure to practice in the mirror at home and at school whenever you can. I don't wear under eye concealer, but Revlon Photo Ready is a good concealer! Wear your hair mostly or all the way down, and don't wear a shirt that is to flashy, like with patterns or a super bright color because that does not look good on camera. My best pictures were when I was wearing black or navy. I also recommend a white eyeshadow for the inner corners of your eyes to make them more big and bright on camera. Don't use sparkles--use more of a matte look, it looks better. Good luck!

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    Idk but at Target they have that brand Photo ready try that out if it really concerns you.

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