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What is the point of multiple swim strokes in the olympics?

The freestyle is the fastest swim stroke, none of these alternative strokes are more efficient than the 'front crawl'. So what is the point in competing at strokes that hold no application in the real world? Why not make Usain Bolt sprint backwards, skip, and do lunges so he can have 8 gold medals too?

I think the extra events make the Olympics much more entertaining but I like to think that the Olympics challenge people in events that use skills applicable to real life. I don't think the breaststroke, backstroke, fly, or speedwalking have any real kind of application to athletics much less the real world, can you defend these events and their worth in the Olympics?

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    I totally agree with you. I was asking the same question watching the athletes racing

    fly (butterfly) style.

    It is a very difficult movement, a beautiful one perhaps (reminds of dolphins right),

    but if you ever tried it, it's soo energy depleting, you wouldn't last much with that swimming. Breaststroke? aside from the funny name (stroking breasts eh eh) it's called Frog because that's what it is: an awkward, slow, lame movement..why? When frees style is faster and more efficient?

    Forget about backstroke, you will bang your head eventually....

    I think I appreciate pure sports that have had utility in the humanity history by using their bodies only: running (any length), jumping, swimming (free style), gymnastics, those all served purposes of chasing, running away, saving yourself, fighting (ninja style gymnastic :) All the others are games, or movements developed just for having more games, competitions.

    At the end those are the sports or styles people like and value the most. Everybody knows who's the fastest swimmer (in free style ) and the fastest runner (in 100, 200, maybe 400 meters)

    or the best gymnast teams. Few know or care for the Polo winners or Ping Pong ..even the sword or tennis no matter how popular they can be, (and even worse rifle that a sport?)

    people admire the most those who use their wonderful body muscles and coordination only (no other balls, weapons, boats etc)

    in the most efficient way possible (again, back to Pheps, Bolt, the USA female gymnastics or the Russian Mustafina)

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    The olympics are a test of athleticism. Each of the strokes require different parts of your body and different technique. It's extremely difficult to excel in all of them and provides unique challenge. They don't need to have an application to real life. If you ask me, being able to spring 100m in under 10 seconds doesn't really have much of an application either. Perhaps if you get mugged or something, but other than that, no use. Nothing in the olympics really serves a purpose in real life. It's a competition. It is what it is.

    Let's just name some 'useless' sports...



    ping pong



    synchronized swimming


    weightlifting (arguably)



    pretty much all track and field events


    water polo

    all winter olympic sports...

    yeah, too lazy to think of more.

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  • 4 years ago

    haha, that obviously made me chortle. But I'm lovely definite gender, so far as so much exercises move, is discovered through DNA. Because your DNA gender check the quantity of muscle mass you might have, how convenient it's to construct muscle mass and testosterone phases. All those matters final result your efficiency and if any athlete have been to take anythings to increase the ones matters they could be disqualified. So, he'd be swimming with the men nonetheless. Oh and one style of guys swimming gear included the higher frame too. Michael Phelps simply loves to take off the highest facet or now not put on it in any respect.

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    8 years ago

    you mean like rhythmic gymnastics? the vault? pole vaulting?

    how's this for rationale: you were injured before you got tossed in the water, and you can't perform the crawl. or how about: you are tired, or it's too choppy, or you have to drag along another injured person?

    anyways, I think you hit the nail on the head with "entertaining."

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