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So I want to audition for SM Entertainment, but I have a few questions/problems.

1) I know like 7 Korean words, a few verbs and the present tense conjugations. Is that an issue, or will they teach me? As long as it's not TOO fast I am a quick learner.

2) I want to audition dancing. But I have no background-my parents won't enroll me in classes. My friends say I'm pretty good (I cover kpop dances) but I'm not so sure. Again I'm a fast learner, even more so in this area. I pick up stuff very quickly. Would they even consider me?

3) My family and I live in America. Absolutely NO asian/Korean background here. Do they accept non-asian people?

4) Finishing 3, my parents live in the states, and if they accept me I'd have to move to Korea. Would they give me time to go and visit my family at all?

5) Again with the parents. They would never take me to an audition. Is there a way I can audition online? What are the requirements and all? What is the online audition process like?

6) Do I have to freestyle dance? Or can I cover a kpop dance? Because I can't freestyle. But if I do get in and become a trainee I can learn.

7) What happens if they decide not to debut you? Or do all trainees get debuted?

8) Do other companies do online auditions (and how)? Because I've heard some pretty bad stories about SM. Like, how could I audition for a company like YG, Wollim etc?

9) How long is someone typically a trainee for?

Thank you so much for your help :D

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    If you don't know Korean, you probably have a very small chance. They would most likely choose those that are Korea, half-Korean or at least Asian over those that are not. As long as you're Asian, you'd have chance as long as you have more talents than the others auditioning. Or you could be casted while dancing at a competition. (Example: Luhan from Exo was casted while shopping in Myeondong with his friends) You could win one of their competitions like the Everysing Competition or others.

    Also if you wanted to become a trainee, you train everyday. Since you're a dancer, you would train about 10 to 12 hours a day. I don't know if you would be able to visit you family, as SM Entertainment works their trainees VERY hard. Even if you're injured, like a sprained/broken ankle. As soon as you're able to walk, basically, you back to training everyday. I think they also have a rule of no eating after 7 PM.

    You'd be very lucky to debut. The majority of trainees don't debut at all.

    You're a trainee until the company decides to debut you or you're contract is terminated. Some train for 1 to 2 years while others train for 7 or more years.

    Sorry I couldn't answer all your questions but hope this helps (:

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    Okay, first of all.. you must keep in mind that SM Entertainment judges you based off your looks rather than talent. I'm not saying that they don't look at talent, but looks > talents. If they're not as pleased as to how you look, they might have you go under knife (I'm not saying anything against SM artists).

    1) I believe that once you are a trainee there, they will provide Korean lessons for you, so you don't have to worry about that.

    2) While you're auditioning, the judges won't know if you're a fast learner or not. For them to consider you, you'd probably have to show your best at dancing.. Singing is also preferred.

    3) Yes.

    4) Well, of course they will. But it would be rare. Artists have hectic schedules and it is not easy to just visit their family whenever they want to. Trust me though, they can't prevent you from visiting them forever.

    5) Yes. There are SM Entertainment auditions online.

    6) I'm not sure about this, but most likely, you can cover a kpop dance..

    7) It is rare to have trainees not debut. It's just a matter of time for their training to have them debut.


    There are also other auditions such as SBS Kpop Star Audition, MBC Star Audition, and Koreaboo.

    9) It really depends. It ranges from 2 - 7 years.

    I hope I helped at the very least. The audition pages may have dates that has passed. That's because the auditions already passed. Maybe you can audition for next year. Good luck with your dreams!

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    About question #3: They may accept you, but it's rare for someone who is non-Asian to be accepted. No offense, but most Koreans are sensitive about those of non-Asian backgrounds being in their industry. Even if you do get accepted, you have to learn Chinese and Japanese, so don't take this lightly or as a joke. If you look at SM Entertainment, most, if not all, of the singers are either 1)Korean or 2) Chinese. So I don't think it's a good idea for you to do this, because Koreans are going to get picky. And trust me, there have been bullying issues with Korean members picking on those of non-Korean backgrounds.

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