VALVE corp. De-activated my STEAM games!?!?!?

Okay so, my mom thinks i stole her credit card to buy a game on Steam, but the thing is..She PAID me and let me buy it....So now she e-mailed steam and wanted them to cancel the purchase...But instead the cancelled any outgoing charges to any credit card, and they basically UNINSTALLED MY GAMES!!!! WTF!?!?! SOMEONE PLZ TELL ME HOW TO FIX THIS!!!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Steam has the right to cancel your **** if they want to. It's not right that they did it in this instance, but as soon as they heard anything involving your account and credit card theft, they shut you down. It actually makes me really sad to know it's that easy to get someone shut down. I'd seek support, and tell Steam that it was a family mistake, not credit card theft, and that you don't deserve to have your account shut down just because someone sent them an angry email.

    (By "uninstalled" I'm assuming you meant deleted all purchases from Steam using your mom's credit card, ever. Otherwise, just re-install them or buy them some other way.)

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  • opurt
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    8 years ago

    From what you've said, your mom had them cancel anything that was already charged to that card, not to prevent future purchases. So that would mean removing the games from the Steam account since they are no longer paid for. The way to fix it is to buy the games again.

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