what do Independent regulatory agencies such as the Federal Communications Commission do?

a. serve to increase the size of the federal bureaucracy and the president's power

b. make the rules that help make the daily work of government more efficient

c. provide guidance to the judicial branch for interpreting their regulations

d. control the power and functions of the president's appointed advisors

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  • lare
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    8 years ago
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    b. make rules and regulations, hence the name "regulatory agency". these rules by themselves don't carry the force of law but they are effective in directing the actions of the Commissioners. also whenever an agency charges a fee that is beyond the cost of administration, that becomes a tax and has to be approved by Congress. The FCC auctions off spectrum to the highest bidder, and each auction requires Congressional approval. The profits go to reducing the national debt. Most agencies charge fees that cover their cost of operation so they are not line items on the Federal Budget.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    And how is this EO going to be implemented? Another thing to consider is that a regulitory agency is going to feel that their regulations are proper and do not unduly stifle business. Unless there is a third party evaluating those regulations - nothing is going to change.

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