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What are the boy and girl names you love, but would never use? Also, what do you think of mine?

Mine (I'd never use them, I just like them for some reason)::


* Dot

* Dorian

* Harper

* Rio

* Dodger

* Alessa


* Haley

* Alexavier

* Alevander

* Simon

* Finnegan

* Phineas

* Flanagan

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    * Dot - For a nickname, I think it would be cute.

    * Dorian - Dorian Charles is what I want to name a future son. The thought of it being on a girl (especially since it's not unisex) is near sickening, to me.

    * Harper - I like Harper for either gender but I've always thought it was a bit babyish.

    * Rio - Masculine name/word/city. I don't particularly like it.

    * Dodger - Like the dog from Oliver and Company? It would make a nice nickname.

    * Alessa - What's wrong with this one?


    * Haley - If Haley Joel Osment could pull it off when he was just a normal kid, why can't your child?

    * Alexavier - I like Alexis and Aleksi and Xavier for a boy, but Alexavier is too much.

    * Alevander - Same as above.

    * Simon - What's so bad about Simon? It's not popular but it's still appropriate.

    * Finnegan - Won't work unless you're Irish. Even then, it's a surname over here in Ireland.

    * Phineas - What's wrong with Phineas?

    * Flanagan - The "Flan" bit it off-putting, but it's still sweet.

    ... Names I want to use, but won't...


    •Lucifer – Self-explanatory.

    •Anathema – Horrible meaning.

    •Narcissus – Nasty Greek myth.

    •Leviticus – Book of Leviticus.

    •Prince – Will cause bullying.

    •Theophilius – Will be shortened to Theo.

    •Briarius – Will be shortened to Briar.

    •Ulysses – Too much for a modern child.

    •Valerian – Evil sounding.

    •Perseus – Will be shortened to Percy.

    •Mordred – Very foreboding.

    •Percival – Too pretentious.

    •Anna - Old English boy name.

    •Phineas Nigellus – Too Harry Potter-ish.

    •Pollux – Rhymes with male anatomy.

    •Elden – Too much like elderly.

    •Peregrine – Falcon.

    •Amadeus – Mozart.

    •Ellery – Rhymes with celery.

    •Edmund – Only works for Brits.

    •Harrington – Surname.

    •Kingsley – Too eccentric.

    •Montgomery – Surname.

    •Benevolence – Nasty word.

    •Teddy – Too babyish.

    •Sparrow – Too flighty.

    •Prosper – No obvious nickname options.

    •Hero – Shakespearian girl name; bad for either gender.

    •Tori – A nickname for Victoria

    •Loki – A Norse God.

    •Victorious – What if he’s not?

    •Bran – Flakes.

    •Dauphin – French word for ‘prince’.

    •Bristol – It’s too trendy.

    •Ashton – Too pretentious for Ireland.

    •Grey – Too depressing!

    •Freyr – A Norse God.

    •Ellard – It has ‘lard’ in it.

    •Indigo – It’s a bloody colour!

    •Brody – It’s SO American!

    •Holland – Silly place name.

    •Artemis – Goddess.

    •Maximilian – Too hard to pull off.

    •Severus – Too closely associated with Harry Potter.

    •October – It’s a month.

    •Eddard – Game of Thrones name.

    •Heddwyn – I’m not Welsh.

    •Bruno – A popular dog name in my area.

    •Vladimir – Associated with Vampires.

    •Snow – It’s something you name a fuzzy white puppy.

    •Saint – He’ll probably be teased.

    •Hale – Too surname-ish and Twilightie

    •Frost – Sounds “try-hard.”


    •Euphemia – Sounds like a disease.

    •Bertha – Big Bertha.

    •Mercy - Is quite creepy.

    •Bellatrix – A literary psychopath.

    •Morgana – Sounds evil.

    •Guinevere – Too pretentious.

    •Hildegarde – Too much for a modern child.

    •Tawny – Far too babyish and trendy.

    •Abcd - “Ab-sid-ee” – It’s embarrassing.

    •Bambi – Will cause endless bullying/teasing.

    •Eydis - “Eye-dis” – Unrealistic.

    •Katniss – Incredibly hard to pull off.

    •Virginia – The virgin.

    •Lavender – Kind of sexual/the bint from HP.

    •Edelweiss – I’m not German.

    •Elowen – Too mythical for a modern child.

    •Clemencia – Sounds like an STD.

    •Theodosia – Impossible to pull off.

    •Mehetabel – Me Hit a Bell = teasing.

    •Hortense – Will be pronounced HORE-tense.

    •Hortensia – Even worse than Hortense.

    •Ever – It’s a Hebrew BOY name.

    •Echo – It’s legitimate, but silly nowadays.

    •Whisper – Begging to be teased.

    •Meadow – President Meadow? I think not.

    •Winter – It’s an Old English boy name.

    •Liberty – Sounds too cliché and American.

    •Maisie – It’s so cute… it’s TOO cute.

    •Penelope – Makes me think of a pig/horse.

    •Astrid – Too much for a 21st century girl.

    •Elke – People would pronounce it as “Elk.”

    •Temperance – No nice nicknames.

    •Rosary – Overly-religious and sort of pathetic.

    •Eilonwy – From Disney’s worst movie ever: “The Black Cauldron.”

    •Shea – It’s an Irish BOY name, I live in Ireland.

    •Araminta – It’s too “out there.”

    •Andromeda – Obviously from Harry Potter.

    •Galadriel – It just won’t work for a real person.

    •Myfanwy – Obviously from Little Britain.

    •Igraine – Outdated Arthurian name.

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    Cayley Mae





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    I love Rio! However, I'd never use it.


    Jayne (I like it better with the Y)








    They're not odd names, but I'd probably never use them.

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  • I actually really love Alessa and Simon. Especially Simon, it's so handsome, I adore it.

    Names I like but Can't/Won't Use:

    -- Charlotte

    -- Giovanna

    -- Paisley

    -- Honor

    -- Emma

    -- Allegra

    -- Ruth

    -- Mary Alice

    I can't use Charlotte because it's my nieces name, and I wouldn't use it. Giovanna I feel like it is much too long and different. Paisley is much too trendy, and I think it's too tacky, but I like it for some reason. I think Honor is too masculine, but I really like it. Emma is too similar to my name. Allegra, well, obvious reasons, the medication. Ruth, I feel like it's too dated, but I love it, especially the nickname Ruthie. Same issue with Mary Alice. I think it's too dated. I would use just Alice though.

    -- Theodore

    -- Giovanni

    -- Taylor

    -- Caden

    -- Indigo

    -- Sebastian

    -- Sailor

    Theodore and Giovanni are a little bit too different for me to declare usable. Taylor is my sisters name, so I can't use it on a boy obviously. For Caden, my boyfriend has a niece named Alyssa Kayden, so again, unusable. Indigo is too crazy to use, but I think it's so cool. Same with Sailor. Sebastian, the crab... Lol.



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  • ~ A ~
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    8 years ago


    -- Freda

    Pronounced FREY-dah. I would never use it, because I'd hate for people to call her FRED-ah.

    -- Lucy

    I can't use it for personal reasons, but I think it's beautiful.

    -- Vixen

    I love it, and the nickname Vixey, but people always have bad opinions on it, and I don't want that for my daughter.

    -- Grace

    This is a beautiful name, but she'd have a difficult surname to say, which ends up sounding like "Grey/Great sex" when you say it. No way I would use it after discovering that!

    -- Emerald

    I think it's really pretty, but it's probably a little too weird.

    -- Poppy

    I think it's really cute, but seeing as in Australia, poppy is used to describe a granddad, I don't think I could do it.

    -- Pippa

    Too much of a nickname for me to use as a full name.

    -- Peach

    It's really cute, but maybe not a good name for an actual baby. I can imagine a lot of negative feedback if I asked about it on yahoo answers.


    -- Flynn

    I think it's handsome, but it's also the name of the hospital wing that I've spent a lot of time in, and I think that's just be a bit weird.

    -- Salvatore

    Handsome, but maybe a bit too dramatic for a baby to live up to.

    -- Isildur

    I love it, but it's too Lord-of-the-Ring-ish.

    -- Sven

    It's a cool name, and I would consider using it, but it also sounds like a mash-up of my partners name and his two brothers (in order of birth as well, which is worse - Steven/Ben/Aaron).

    -- Anakin

    Too star-wars based; I'd hate to constantly have my childs name questioned.

    -- Finch

    I love it, but people see it as just a word, which is fair enough.

    -- Loki

    Maybe not the best to name your child after the God of Mischief.

    -- Vladimir

    Again, a vampire name is probably not suitable.

    ~ A ~

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    For girls I always liked the name Jaelani, Yvette, Sofia, Naomi, Aand for boys Enrique, Justin, Ivan, and Carlos.

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  • 8 years ago

    I have many, most of mine are old fashioned, but some are just too odd to be used. I will list just a few:


    • Maude

    • Clover

    • Mavis

    • Luella

    • Rosamund

    • Stella

    • Fern

    • Fable

    • July


    • Enoch

    • Ralph

    • Hiram

    • Wilder

    • Zane

    • Magnus

    • Hugo

    • Amos

    • Viggo

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    8 years ago

    Hayden, Sawyer, Sally and Christelle for girls. Also over-popular names that I like like Sarah, Sophia, Isabella, and Abigail. :)

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  • 8 years ago


    Micheal Angelo

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