What did James Brown mean with the line "Eddie Murphy, eat your heart out" in the song Livin' in America?

It's from the Rocky 4 soundtrack

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    Eddie Murphy was known for doing a good impression of James Brown. He became a cast member of the Saturday Night Live TV show, from 1980-1984. I don't know in which season his "James Brown Celebrity Hot Tub Party" skit appeared , but the skit was a huge success. Fans of the show loved the James Brown skit and Murphy went on to use his James Brown impression on some of his successful HBO specials. The song Living in America came out in 1985, the year after Eddie Murphy left the TV show. So, James Brown definitely had time to see the skit before he made the song. James Brown either liked the Murphy's impression and was giving him a nod of approval or he disliked it and he was saying, suck on this, because I'm still making hit records at the age of 52 (in 1985).

    James Brown Celebrity Hot Tub Party, starring Eddie Murphy on SNL


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    Eat Your Heart Out Lyrics

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