Is it hard to file a fiance visa petition if your fiancee is your first cousin once removed and large age gap?

Now my best friend wants to marry his girlfriend for 8 years. His girlfriend is from thailand and he is from the united states. Is it possible to file a fiancee visa petition to your first cousin once removed with 27 years age gap. They love each other so much and they really fight for their relationship. Help please as I want to help my best friend.

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  • 7 years ago
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    no, it's just as easy to file the petition as it would be for anyone else, but it does complicate getting the actual visa down the road. one, your friend would have to live in a state that allows first cousins to marry. then there's the age thing. however, if they have a real relationship and can show it, it should still work out.

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    3 years ago

    The okay-1 Fiance Visa is a greater option. The okay-3 spouse Visa can take a bit of longer. My then-fiance and i filed in February, our petition was accredited in March, his interview used to be on June eight and he entered the U.S. On June 24. Now, this isn't usual, but i am giving you our timeline to permit you to understand that the time from filing to interview is the good fortune of the draw so far as USCIS goes. It additionally helps if the fiance isn't from a "high-fraud" country (my now-husband is from England). Some couples we know on VisaJourney utilized for k-1 months before us and had their interviews scheduled for the same month as ours - so that you might be watching at over 8 months, but that can be no longer traditional. It's either down to the couple just being plain unlucky, or their case is stalled due to receiving RFEs (Request For evidence). In the event you get an RFE even as your case is under adjudication, you have got to reply to it before USCIS resumes your case. So, this will likely of direction sluggish down the system for some. 6 months from filing to visa is the typical wait for okay-1. If you want to marry in Jamaica, I suggest you to contact the U.S. Embassy in Jamaica to see in the event that they allow Direct Consular filing (DCF). That is even turbo than ok-1 and k-3, as you put up all your substances directly to the embassy as an alternative of USCIS, and also you keep in Jamaica together with your spouse for the period of the system. Just right good fortune!

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    As noted, he can file if he meets the requirements of having met you in person within the last two years and earning enough money to sponsor. If your application is refused, he can move to Thailand to be with the love of his life.

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    7 years ago

    Presuming they have met many time and the US has a high enough income

    to sponsor then he can file for a fiancee visa

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  • Ed
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    7 years ago

    Some states ban marriage by first cousins once removed. If he lives in one of them, a petition could not be approved. The states are indicated here:

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