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What would you name ten children?

Using my favourite names, what would you name ten children (first and one or two middle names)? You can choose the genders of the children but please don't change the genders of the names. If you want to change the spelling, go ahead, but please nothing too strange (i.e. no Ryleighs or Madelyns or Kaitlynns).


Addison, Ainsley, Alexander, Angus, Aubrey, Avery, Beau, Benjamin, Blair, Blythe, Braden, Brady, Brody, Caden, Caleb, Cameron, Castiel, Charles, Cian, Ciaran, Daniel, Darcy, Declan, Elliot, Ellis, Ellison, Emerson, Emery, Finley, Flynn, Hamish, Hayden, Henry, Hunter, Jackson, James, Jasper, Joshua, Jude, Lachlan, Leo, Luca, Lucas, Madison, Marcus, Mason, Matthew, Maxwell, Nathan, Nathaniel, Oliver, Oscar, Reilly, Remington, Rhys, Roan, Rory, Rowan, Ryan, Sacha, Sage, Samuel, Taylor, Thomas, William, Xavier


Adelaide, Adeline, Alice, Amelia, Annabel, Anne, Anneliese, Anya, Aoife, Arabelle, Aria, Arrietty, Bryony, Bridey, Bridget, Caitlin, Catherine, Charlotte, Chloe, Ciara, Claire, Eleanor, Eliza, Elizabeth, Emilia, Freya, Gabrielle, Genevieve, Grace, Isabel, Isadora, Isla, Jacinta, Katya, Laura, Lauren, Lily, Louisa, Louise, Lucille, Lucy, Madeleine, Matilda, Natalie, Olivia, Rebecca, Romilly, Ruby, Ruth, Scarlett, Sienna, Zoe

Hope you like it! Star for more :)

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    Addison Charles

    Avery Rhys

    Darcy Ellison

    Ellis Blythe

    Rowan James

    Emery Mason

    Jasper Remington

    Rory Nathaniel

    Roan Joshua

    Finley Marcus

    Sasha Brady


    Bridey Ruth

    Arabelle Grace

    Lucille Annabel

    Freya Romilly

    Caitlin Amelia

    I'm assuming it's 5 and 5 but there were so many boy names I loved that I had to do 10 of them! :3

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    Cameron Jackson

    Jasper Beau Lucas

    Brody Emerson

    Mason Rory

    Charles Madison

    Braden Alexander

    Marcus Jude

    Hunter Daniel

    Ryan Nathaniel Taylor

    Addison Blair Caden



    Aria Elizabeth

    Lauren Louise

    Gabrielle Ruby

    Lily Grace

    Scarlett Ruth

    Claire Anne

    Isabel Olivia

    Madeline Zoe

    Sienna Claire

    Adeline Lucy

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    Benjamin Ryan

    Caden Nathaniel

    Alexander Lucas

    Caleb Maxwell

    William Avery

    Daniel Finley

    James Samuel

    Rowan Henry

    Joshua Cameron

    Matthew Oliver

    Adeline Louisa

    Caitlin Aria

    Grace Adelaide

    Lily Arabelle

    Natalie Isadora

    Amelia Catherine

    Isabel Olivia

    Lucy Bridget

    Charlotte Anne

    Annabel Chloe


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    Girl 1: Olivia Scarlett

    Boy 2: Caden Oscar

    Boy 3: Leo James

    Girl 4: Natalie Grace

    Boy 5: Brady Ellis

    Girl 6: Gabrielle Catherine

    Girl 7: Aria Lauren

    Boy 8: Lucas Benjamin

    Boy 9: Declan Jasper

    Girl 10: Adeline Emilia

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    1. James Lucas

    2. Ryan Alexander

    3. Thomas Cameron

    4. Elliot Rory

    5. Declan Addison

    6. Lauren Bridget

    7. Rebecca Zoe

    8. Caitlin Aria

    9. Scarlett Isabel

    10. Claire Eliza

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    Mason Alexander

    William Jude

    Reilly Samuel

    Benjamin Joshua

    Henry Rowan

    Alice Caitlin

    Bridget Laura

    Adelaide Freya

    Lucy Matilda

    Madeleine Claire

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    Brady Matthew

    Ellis Jackson

    Jude Hunter

    Brody Ryan

    Bridey Emilia

    Bridgette Rebecca

    Bryony Claire

    Adelaide Lauren

    Natalie Scarlett

    Madeleine Grace

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    Benjamin Joshua

    Cameron Elliott

    James William

    Leo Rowan

    Nathaniel Jude

    Alice Catherine

    Emilia Genevieve

    Grace Isla

    Lucy Sienna

    Scarlett Eleanor

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    Caleb Thomas

    Xavier Leo

    Roan Alexander

    Matthew Benjamin

    Scarlett Sienna

    Ruby Louise

    Alice Catherine

    Aria Genevieve

    Lucy Emilia

    Olivia Grace

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    Ellis Maxwell

    Leo Xavier

    Lucas Alexander

    William Thomas

    Adelaide Matilda

    Amelia Lauren

    Claire Elizabeth

    Chloe Eliza

    Lily Madeleine

    Zoe Genevieve

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    1) Benjamin Avery

    2) Emery Flynn

    3) Rowan Elliot

    4) Jude Oliver

    5) Henry Matthew


    1) Madeleine Lucy

    2) Lauren Olivia

    3) Grace Isadora

    4) Natalie Rebecca

    5) Anya Lily

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