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Caroline asked in Beauty & StyleHair · 8 years ago

Thin curly hair - help!?

So I have naturally curly hair, straight on the top of my head and curly/wavy from top of my ears to the ends. And of course it's very thin. The curls/waves don't look too bad, but I wash my hair at night so when I sleep on it they fall out and my hair looks just awful. I've tried hair spraying it, but I have to spray it quite a lot so it gets all hard and stays that way for a long time, and I don't like it all hard either.

Since it's so thin, I really try to avoid heat as much a possible. So I've been trying some different ways to air dry it or get it nice looking with no heat:

-Air drying in braids

-Air drying in buns

-Blow drying with fan instead of regular blow dryer

-Different brushes/combs

Nothing's really worked so far. What I really want is to be able to air dry it so make it straight or wavy, but not frizzy, nice looking. I use Garnier Shampoo/conditioner (sleek & shine damage control) and I have Got2b smooth operator. I can't put a lot of product in my hair because it will weigh it down or make it look greasy.

Please help! I need a hair solution, I've tried so many things and nothings worked. It's really frustrating. There has to be some way I can air dry it so it looks nice... right?!

Thank you for your help!


PS My hair is long - down to my shoulder blades. I just got a trim last week. Please don't suggest I cut my hair shorter, I like it long.

Update 2:

I'm asking how to air dry it, not how to make my hair thicker

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  • 8 years ago
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    I used to be like u.. ur question is how to make ur hair thicker right? if it is i am here to help. Oh and dont trust what the shampoo bottle says. most of it is fake. anyways u have to start eating healthily like 2 oranges everyday and 1 carrot or something. then u have to stop showering so often ( ik gross but really works) like every 3 days or 2 times a week(ik ik). and when u shower DO NOT! i repeat DO NOT! comb ur hair!! i have wavy/curly hair too and its straight at the top and i know it will get frizzy when dry but dont comb it!! if u want u can comb it every other day at night .. but not everyday! it removes the natural oils and blah blah just plz dont.and most importantly lay off the heat for a while.. u can straighten ur hair/ blow dry it like once or twice in a month if u want it to be healthy! and please eat fruits and veggies alot! like bananas,oranges,watermelon,avocado(ik gross too if u want dont eat it i didnt),strawberries,carrots,cucumbers. haha good luck!!! and make sure u use good hair protectant that doesnt dry it out or make it look unshiny! and yeah and make sure the water is not cold and not hot! hot water damages hair!! :) thanks for reading!


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  • dacruz
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    They use a couple of scissors that reduce the hair in exclusive lengths and sure it is going to frizz extra because it has a couple of exclusive brief portions of hair far and wide the top. I suppose it might be simpler to only use a product to straighten it or defrizz it after the shampoo.One day you're going to love it.I promise i've thick curly hair and now i find it irresistible! My daughters each do as good and now as they're older can repair it such a lot of exclusive approaches .Also how historical are you? Our hair alterations with age and on the whole at puberty it softens out a few too.

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