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why does my friend text "ik" so much?

i want to know some things to say when she says "ik". its really bothering me because i don't know what to say, i don't wanna be rude and stop texting her, and i know she wants to keep the convo going because she initiates it! its really irritating any answers will be appreciated:)


i wont even say things that have relevance to her saying that, for example if i say lol she says ik

Update 2:

to Allan no duh, crackhead

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    alright so you can answer by ;)

    or another answer is " you know ? :O " " because you're smart apparently you know a lot of stuff " if she keeps saying ik.

    or you can just ask her " that's cool that you agree on that.

    or just say " so ... " and start new conversation or put the string on her so she will be the one who has tot alk lol.

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    Just ask her questions and stuff or when she says ik.. Be like ik. Lmao. Then don't text back. Simple and easy.

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    Just change the subject or ask random questions like "How did you do on that Math test?" or something. Or bring up a funny memory or something. :)

    Answer mine please?;_ylt=Aq...

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    "ik" means "i know"

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