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What is the argument over the Ohio Voting Law?

I read an article in the Washington Times about the Ohio Voting Law that the Obama Campaign is suing to have changed. What is the reasons the law is controversial as pro-military and anti-military. I couldn't figure out how military has anything to do with it except that both candidates agree that military should be able to vote absentee up until election day.

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    The Obama campaign is suing Ohio to stop implementing changes to the Ohio election law. If the suit is successful, everyone has a Monday COB deadline. If they lose, the military and overseas have a Monday COB deadline, everyone else has a Friday COB deadline. The suit is neither pro nor anti-military.

    The dispute arose from a mess in the OH election law changes from last year. The case itself is complex, but the short version is that Ohio passed a huge bill that (among other things) was supposed to end IN-PERSON early absentee voting on the Friday before election day. (NOT for regular mailed-in absentee ballots, but for early in-person absentee ballots.) Some voters submitted a resolution to rescind that bill/law. That's on the November ballot. Ohio law says that the bill is therefore suspended and not in effect until the results of that vote are tallied.

    Meanwhile, someone noticed a mistake in the original bill. Although the bill intended to end early in-person absentee balloting for everyone, the bill failed to redo the language Ohio Code for military and overseas voters. The legislature passed an emergency bill to correct it. A third bill rescinded the first bill but not the second.

    As a result of this, OH law had 2 different deadlines for Military and overseas voters, the Friday and Monday before election day. The Secretary of State said that that the later deadline should apply, so military and overseas voters have a Monday close of business deadline.

    The Obama campaign said that was a mess, and sued to stop the state from implementing any changes to the election laws. One of the reasons is that treating the 2 groups differently is a violation of the Equal Protection Clause. The Obama side says that there's no reason that the two groups should get different treatment. (1. military plus overseas, and 2. everyone else. Note that the 1st group of affected voters also includes people living overseas who aren't in the military. )AMVETS and other military groups don't want a precedent set that ever says that the military can't get different treatment.

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    Your first problem is reading the Washington "Moonie" Times.

    In Ohio in 2004, lines at the polls where hours long. Both parties told Ohio to fix it. And they did. In 2008 and 2010, the voting was much smoother.

    In 2010, when the Republican swept in, they decided to fix things more. They ended early voting. Previously every legal voter in Ohio could vote on Saturday though election day on Tuesday. They got rid of it for everyone BUT the military.

    The president and the Democrats are suing not to prevent the military from early voting, but to reinstate early voting for EVERYONE in Ohio.

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    "A series of laws passed in the past year by Ohio’s Republican state legislature and Gov. John Kasich have waived the last three days of in-person early voting before Election Day for all but members of the military. Civilians now have until Friday, Nov. 2,to cast those ballots and must arrive at the booth before 6 p.m.

    Republicans faulted the extra time for civilians as too costly for local governments and prone to fraud and abuse. Meanwhile, service members were exempt from the restrictions, allowing them to vote at any time before polls close, an extra three days without restrictions."

    Republicans complaining about fraud even though there is no evidence.

    They are not blocking the military. Stop believing Fauxnews.

    As previously reported by ABC News, the Obama campaign sued the Buckeye State last month to block those laws from taking effect, restoring weekend voting as it was in 2008.

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    Obama wants everyone in Ohio to have early voting privileges like the military has.

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    People in the military don't like Obama,i know, i'm in it. Obama is trying to block our vote as a desperate attempt to win Ohio. Romney it for America, support the troops.

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    Since many military are overseas, Ohio wanted to give them early voting privileges. I see no problem with that. Apparently obama does. The majority of the military is conservative.

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    This law would essentially give more time for oversea military members to get their ballets into the states. Because they are on the other side of the world sometimes their ballets do not make the vote because of shipping delays. The military overwhelming votes Republican and this law would make it tougher for the Democrats.

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    Obama knows that the military is against him. He does anything he can to make it more difficult for people that he knows are against him. On the other hand he makes it as easy as possible for the groups that he knows are for him: Dead people for instance. He knows that ALL dead people vote for him, so he is trying to prevent states from purging their rolls of dead people. He knows that illegal aliens vote for him so he made it easy for them to stay here. He knows that everyone on food stamps votes for him so he is trying to get everyone he can on food stamps including illegal aliens. He is a dirtbag.

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