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Is it okay to take me pot head baby daddy to court to keep him from seeing his daughter?

So im 7 months pregnant and my bf continues to smoke pot... Keep in mind when we first met he was not a smoker.. but once his friend started doing it, my bf got involved. I did try it but i didnt like it so i dont do it ever since. We are both 23.

Anyway, i keep telling my bf to please stop for the baby he says he doesnt do it but every time i get in his car there are weed specs everywhere but blames it on his friend. that was 2 months ago now i dont see it so i assumed he told his friend to stop bringing the crap in his car because once the baby gets here i told him i will not let my daughter step foot in the car if he continues to let his friend deal his weed in the car.

NOW over this weekend i go to his house, and i find more weed specs on his couch (keep in mind he lives with his parents but they were out of town) And he had his friend over, and he did weed there. My bf says he has givin up the weed, but out of everything i still think he is doing it, because he does whatever his friend does.

Is it wrong of me to let my daughter stay in this environment?

Should i wait until the baby gets here to see if he will change?

Is there anyway i can scare him? Like showing him restraining orders? OR anything?


** i ment is it wrong of me to not let my baby stay in this environment?

Update 2:

I reallly dont want my baby having a pot head for a father... because i dont even have my own dad here with me because he is in prison for it. He didnt sell it he was around it.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    Im 23 and I have seen half my friends become parents...some more horrible then others, its why I became a preschool teacher. This is the way I see it, everyone is free to **** up their own lives however they see fit. However that ends when you have children, it no longer becomes what you want but what is best for your children. So I would suggest this, tell him that unless he cleans up his act, get a job, move out, become a respectable parent then he can see his child. If he just wants to be a loser, make him pay child support till he smartens up

    Source(s): Im a preschool teacher...I work with kids, I know shit
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  • bubs
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    if he's only doing it because his friend is doing it then I think you need to make an ultimatum, either you and the baby or the friend, if it IS just the friends stuff then you need to get rid of it either way, if flecks and such keep turning up then you need to leave as far as keeping him away you'd need to go to court after the baby is born and give evidence of his drug use and ask for supervised visitation for the child's safety, getting him 100% away will be impossible unless there is some serious abuse!

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    WOW. Thats messed up. yeah try to scare him definitly! It will bring him back to reality. Or you know what else? talk to the "friend" I mean seriously scare his friend give him a yelling speech telling him to back off and its all his fault! Why should your baby suffer when its your bf's friend's fault. instead you should give the firend a restraining order and that will scare your bf and his friend!

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