Best young adult book or series you ever read?

I've read most of the more popular dystopian books like Hunger Games, Divergent, Matched etc.. The book needs to have at least a little romance in it. What's the best young adult book or series you've ever read. And please don't say twilight or harry potter because I've already read those. Thanks for any help(:

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  • 7 years ago
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    It's not young but it's an amazing series- the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

    my favourite, after Harry Potter of course

  • I love dystopian books, and have read Divergent, Matched, and The Hunger Games (AMAZING books!!) Here are some of my other favorite books:

    The Uglies series- Scott Westerfeld

    1. Uglies

    2. Pretties

    3. Specials

    4. Extras

    The Awakened series- Katie Kacvinsky

    1. Awakened

    2. Middle Ground

    The House of Night series- P.C. Cast

    1. Marked

    2. Betrayed

    3. Chosen

    4. Untamed

    5. Hunted

    6. Tempted

    7. Burned

    8. Awakened

    9. Destined


    Hush, Hush series- Becca Fitzpatrick

    1.Hush, Hush


    3. Silence

    4. Finale

    Fallen series- Lauren Kate



    3. Passion


    The House of night books are about vampires, but let me just say, they are AMAZING!!! Just give them a chance!! You will NOT regret reading them, I sure don't! They are nothing like Twilight, which I was gonna read until I read these books... Now i have absolutely no desire to.

    Hope this Helps!!(:

  • 7 years ago

    I really liked the Darkest Powers series by Kelley Armstrong, The Summoning, The Awakening and The Reckoning. They have a nice, creepy vibe. For dystopian, I liked the Uglies series by Scott Westerfield a lot more than I expected to. They're not as good as Hunger Games or Divergent, but very enjoyable nonetheless. I liked Forest of Hands and Teeth too although the second book fell a little flat. I haven't read the third yet. A few ideas - happy reading!

  • 7 years ago

    The Darkest Powers series by Kelley Armstrong

    The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare

    The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

    Anna and The French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins.

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  • 3 years ago

    I used to believe that means about folks like the girl from 13 reasons Why too, now not see you later in the past, but I discovered that it's exclusive strokes for unique individuals. I might go on about how a seeing a cockroach would power one to suicide and not the other, however that's no longer the factor. For one factor, i have never learn many YA novels, and apart from i do not believe those I dislike are the worst of the style. In truth, i don't really dislike them, it can be simply that I did not experience them. Some no longer a lot, some on no account. Some not as much as most persons do, and that is acquired me questioning...However on the other hand, one-of-a-kind strokes for distinctive men and women. There may be Twilight, but meh. Then there's The hunger games Trilogy. And i know i am gonna get bashed for this, plus get myself thumbed down. But i don't see the complexity within the characters. All I consider is one person, no layer to the one-of-a-kind men and women within the books. No buildup, no go with the flow, it can be like operating on a character without anesthesia. EDIT Kelley, Rowling isn't a young grownup creator. She is (with the exception of informal emptiness, which is adult) a kid's literature creator. People mostly put out of your mind that, and fairly I think that's a praise. Anyway, I ought to agree on what you stated, Rowling would not underestimate age. By means of Dumbledore she stated, "formative years are not able to understand how age thinks and feels. However ancient men are guilty in the event that they put out of your mind what it was to be young..."

  • 7 years ago

    The Gemma Doyle trilogy by Libba Bray. Not the best, but I do love it, and it has romance in it. However, it's not dystopian, and maybe you're looking for more dystopian romances?

    ('Across the Universe' by Beth Revis also comes to mind, now that I think of it.)

    The *best* would be the Old Kingdom trilogy by Garth Nix. Actually, pretty much anything by Garth Nix. And Scott Westerfeld.

  • 7 years ago

    The Darkest Power Series by Kelley Armstrong

    Best. Trilogy. Ever.

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    7 years ago

    The Forbidden Game by L. J. Smith really stands out from my childhood although I think its out of print by now. Ender Series by Orson Scott Card. The first book had a lot of young adult readers but I'm not sure how the remainder of the series panned out with younger readers.

  • 7 years ago

    1. Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead ( 6-7 books)

    2. House of night by PC and Kristin Cast (series, nine books)

    3. Fallen, Torment, Passion by Lauren Kate ( the plot is continued in next book)

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  • Joss
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    7 years ago

    My favorite is probably the Personal Demons trilogy.

    Next is probably Hush, Hush.

    After that, I like how Cinder is going with the first of 4 books & can't wait for the 2nd.

    I also like Under the Never Sky and might read the 2nd one.

    and, you've probably already read some of them.

    Carrier of the Mark you might like if you haven't read it. Personally, it wasn't my taste.

    And, Paranormalcy, but I'm suspecting you've already read that.

    My favorite book of 2011 was Ready Player One.

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