Why does Canada think they won the War of 1812?

Why does Canada think they won the War of 1812? They where not even a nation until 1867, The British where the people that fought the Americans out of British Canada. So why does Canada think they won the War of 1812 when they where not even fighting it? Was it because The United States started to invade British Canada but then the United States got pushed out??? Plus in the Treaty of Ghent it states that there was no winner.

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    Late in 1813, the Americans captured Amherstburg and defeated the retreating British army under Major General Henry Procter. Until the end of the war, only small outposts of British regulars were stationed in the Western Districts of Kent, Essex and Norfolk. During 1814, American troops made several raids from Detroit or Lake Erie against these, causing much destruction. The local militia could not stop a determined expedition (for example, that which resulted in the Battle of Malcolm's Mills), but could stop small scale nuisance raids. Volunteer units from the militia, styling themselves for example the "Loyal Essex Volunteers", provided useful intelligence throughout the later period of the war. The Loyal Kent Volunteers took part in the Battle of Longwoods.

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    The treaty used to be signed when the combat of latest Orleans was once fought so it was a fight that did not ought to be fought. It used to be a collective oops and didn't have an effect on the war. Talking as some one with slightly knowledge of history I don't forget the war to be a draw. The Canadians say they received since the British military repulsed an American invasion and invaded the us and burnt Washington DC. The U.S. Govt used to be efficaciously evacuated and escaped capture. Additionally the united states army burnt Toronto which was once then referred to as York. The British were in a catch 22 trouble, they could no longer commit ample forces to beat the USA given that they have been enthusiastic about the Napoleonic wars. Any claims of victory by using either facet is uncalled. Edit - even though canada was not a country the real query to their position could be what percentage of the British forces were militias and other units composed of neighborhood colonists vrs items from Britan. The us national shield traces their hetatage to the British milita items that faught in the french and indian war and now not simply the Revolution. Edit i am an American BTW

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    Why do American think they won the war of independence it was France that played the major role and it was a British colony not a separate country just like Canada so technically a bunch of French and British people kicked out the British

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    Cause as a oversea territory of the British any other country would have done the same if there ancestors fought on this continent and died for the overseaterritory which eventually became Canada would like to include the people who fought to make what the country is today.

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    Because, Canada wouldn't exist if it had ended differently.

    There was a Canada at that time, it was populated with french, british and loyalists that had fled the American Revolution to avoid war. This time they didn't just flee... they fought back.

    Retaliating enemy invaders is considered a victory.

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    I agree that the there was no 'winner' of the war of 1812, but the American invasion of Canada was repelled, evidently the Canadians considered this to be a victory.

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