Three way switch replacement question?

I'm trying to replace my old three way switches so I looked up information on how to do it online.

I understand that I need to place the "hot" wire from each panel to the "common" connector in the switch. So, I went and purchased a "no touch voltage tester" to find out which wire is the "hot wire".

I turned off the breaker, disconnected all three wires in each switch and turned the breaker back on.

In one switch, I found the "hot wire" however, in the other switch, I wasn't able to find the "hot wire".

The voltage tester I purchased will lit red when there is a live wire, but on this switch, none of the wires turned the red light on. So at this point, I got confused.

I tried connecting the wires back to its original position (with the old switch), but now only one switch is working at a time. I've done more research, and everybody is saying it's a wiring issue. But if I can't find a "hot wire", then what would be my next step?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Connect the switch like you did at the box with the hot wire.

    Then turn the breaker on and check for a hot wire in the second box.

    Flip the first switch and find a different hot.

    Connect the third wire that did not ever test as hot to the "common" colored terminal, and the two that alternated hot to the silver screws.

    Here's what you got: On the switch itself the common connects to one silver at a time, when you flip the switch it connects to the other white. So you connect the hot to the common, and the two wire alternate hot depending on switch position. We'll call these wires A & B.

    At the second switch you need to find wires A & B, as you flip the first switch back and forth first A is hot then B is hot. These two connect also to the white screws on the second switch. The remaining wire is the path for electricity to the light fixture. The second switch just selects one of the two possible power sources, wire A or wire B will be connected to the common to power the light. If both switches are set to A (or both switches connect to B) then the light comes on.

    Source(s): Local 46 Electrician
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  • 8 years ago

    A simpler way

    That hot wire you found in the first switch, tie it temporarily to the other two wires

    Now go to second switch and find the two hot wires

    The wire not hot is your common

    Now untie the wires at other switch and do your connections as you now know what wires are for the common screws.

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  • 3 years ago

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  • 5 years ago

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