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Batman comic book advice help!?

After being an addict to batman films and games I have decided to start reading the comics , obviously the chances of getting a #1 edition ever will cost a small fortune so my question is sort of a 2 parter , firstly in the film and games they are similar but different an I wonder which is true. What did they follow for the story the series or comics? Also what does it mean with all these new authors which one is the true batman story that films follow? Finally where should I start reading for a good price (low)

I would greatly appreciate it if someone could answer my complete rabble of a question (:

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    There are actually several "canons" to the Batman series so you can't pin things down to being true or false. There are three major things in play with Batman- alternate universes, non-canon, and new 52.

    Basically you've got the original continuum or universe which Batman originally was set in but DC has multiple universes. Some stories are set in these alternate universes some with different histories and different characters.

    There are also some specials that are considered non-canon. These aren't even set in alternate universes. The stories are sometimes acclaimed for their stories and art but are not actually considered part of Batman's story. I guess you could consider them more closer to how you would regard fanfiction even though they were published by DC.

    The third thing happened in September 2011 and is called New 52. In most long running multi-writer series in publication and tv, there is something known as a series bible. This goes back to what i was saying about things being canon or not. The bible is conventions that are set in stone for the series. Character bios, events in lives, places that things can be set in, etc are all worked out and often written down for an author to refer to when writing. Some things are worked out and never published while other things are established by the writers and written into the bible. They are written to keep things consistent. In 2011 all of the bibles for DC series were pretty much thrown out. The series bibles were re-written, tightening plot and character histories but also disregarding or changing things that existed in the old ones. The series that were relaunched under the New 52 tag.

    Films based on comics are oftentimes either considered a separate universe (which may or may not have a bible) or non-canon. The Nolan trilogy mostly stands on it's own as it's a series reboot. Basically it's the directors vision of Batman and is more closer to be considered non-canon. The closest comics that are considered to have influenced the films were Year One, The Man Who Falls, The Long Halloween, and Dark Victory.

    Because of the relaunch of the series I more of recommend the September 2011 issue of the main series as a good starting place. If you are looking into reading Batman from the actual start, he first appeared in Detective Comics. Also mind there have been over two dozen running series with batman over the years, so it's a pretty big feat.

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    There is no "true" Batman story. It's a story!

    There have been so many different interpretations of the Batman stories and characters over the 70 years since he first appeared, it's hard to point to one particular interpretation as THE one to follow.

    There's no need to start reading the comics from the very beginning (although you could, thanks to the wonder of reasonably-priced reprint volumes). Just have a bit of a look around and see which ones strike your fancy.

    I would recommend in particular Batman: Year One by Frank Miller and David Mazzuchelli. The title is pretty self-explanatory, and it's a really good story.

    You should also check out the stories from the 70s by Denny O'Neil and Neal Adams. This is when Batman stopped being camp and silly after the ridiculousness of the 50s and 60s and started getting a bit more serious again. These are the stories that introduce Ra's Al Ghul and his daughter Talia.

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    Start with Batman: Year One, and then follow the lists given above me, they're pretty good.

    As for how well the movies & games follow the comics, I'll say this: The games are 99% true to the comics, the only thing they really change is how the villains look, but their costumes get changed in the comics every 2 weeks anyway

    the movies have NOTHING to do with the comics. The Dark Knight is about 80% accurate, then Batman Begins and TDKR are like 1-15%

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    I recommend reading Batman graphic novels (not manga) before you start your search for the original comics. (There really is no need, unless you are determined to read or collect them.)

    Here are some:

    Batman: The Killing Joke

    Batman: HUSH

    The Dark Knight Returns

    Batman: Year One

    Batman: The Long Halloween


    Batman: Arkham Asylum (not the game, the graphic novel)

    Batman: The Black Mirror

    Batman: Knightfall, Part One: Broken Bat (FT. BANE)

    Batman: A Death in the Family

    Batman R.I.P.

    Batman: Dark Victory

    Batman Versus Bane

    To get original Batman comics, I would search online or look at a comic book store. I'm sure someone has them.

    Some other graphic novels that I recommend, but are not Batman:

    Watchmen, The Sandman, 100 Bullets, Wanted, V for Vendetta, and From Hell.

    Hope I helped.

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  • Batman is created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger. The character first appeared in Detective Comics #27 (May 1939)

    You could start with Detective comics, No 27 (:

    My best recommendation for you sir, is to go to your nearest comic store, and ask for pro help (:

    Trust me, they know everything !

    Source(s): Wiki
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    Batman: Knightfall. It is long and entertaining and feautures possibly the most dramatic defeat of batman. That or death in the family

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