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Christina Milian hair?

i really want hair like christina milian when she has it brown and honey blonde , i want to know what weave / hair extentions she uses i even want a new hair colour i was going to use dark and lovely hair dye and then straighten my hair but im wondering what products i would need to use and i dont want weave that you have to glue in your hair. Either sew in or clipped in. i have afro hair and im jamaican.

the styles i want ( copy and paste the links in to the address bar)


any suggestions i would really appreciate help and advice to acheive the look i want thanks?

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    What you're interested in sounds amazing, but if I were you, I wouldn't do it at home! First off, you don't want to use at-home box color or anything nonprofessional because those hairdyes contain metallic salts and filler ingredients that damages, dries out, and ever breaks your hair off. Second, it doesn't matter what kind of hair extensions are used so long as they are of good quality and are strong enough for everyday wear. Christina probably has hers "taped-in or bonded on", being that those placements are popular in Hollywood. You could achieve the same look with braid-and-sew hair extensions as well.

    Third, the products that need to be used have to be for especially textured hair such as yours that are PROFESSIONAL and also paired with the right blowdrying and styling techniques. If I were you, I would visit the new VOGUE Salon at 55 S. Gibson Rd Suite 111 Henderson, NV 89012. I am located there and am a licensed cosmetologist (haircutting, haircoloring, hair texture, and makeup specialist). Visit my website at and if you are interested, contact me to book an appointment!

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    Depends on the person. I have jet black hair and it looks excellent on me, and I have close friends with blonde hair that looks excellent on them.

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    I think blonde hair is sexiest, but brown hair can become really sexy too. Black hair is actually never sexy. It's just really uninteresting and boring and flatters few caractère. Blonde hair looks best with glowing blue eyes.

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