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Anonymous asked in SportsMartial Arts · 8 years ago

Why aren't white belts allowed to compete against black belts in Tae Kwon Do?

I am not talking about white belts with no prior experience, but rather people with black belts in other styles such as karate, kung fu, etc. and master level ability in non belt styles such as muay thai, savate, jeet kung do, capoeira, kickboxing, etc. All the info I have found so far says a competitor must be a black belt in tae Kwon Do in order to qualify for the the olympic team or compete in any qualifying tournament. I can understand if this rule is in place to protect the welfare of inexperienced fighters, however, if the rule is in place to protect the black belts then I feel it is not fair because there are a lot martial artists out there that could go toe to toe against world class Tae Kwon Do black belts and perhaps win gold medals in the olympics. It is my understanding that IOC rules state that all persons will be given the opportunity to qualify for olympic competition, as is the case for all other combat sports ie wrestling, boxing, fencing, and judo (a blue belt was allowed to compete in the 2012 olympics, so take note all BJJ practitioners) I think it is time that Tae Kwon Do do the same. If the WTF decides that they are exempt from this rule then I think it is time we take them to court. Is anybody with me on this?


I am guessing possum here is WTF brain washed fanatic- 1)What exactly does flawed clocks have to do with my question

2)In fencing you can compete in a qualifying tournament by showing up and saying "here I am" and win it as long as you beat everybody else, WTF won't even let you compete in qualifier unless you are a kukkiwon black belt

3) Martial artist of different styles would actually benefit from WTF sparring rules

4)In a way safety measure? Yes, it is a safety measure put in place for the Tae Kwon Do black belts, not for lets use the example of a Muay Thai fighter.

5)As for your other statement "If you think you can beat an Olympian just because that Olympian only does Tae kwon do, be careful going down that road. I never said I think I can beat an olympian, but now that you mention it You are right I don't think I can beat an Olympian, I KNOW I CAN BEAT AN OLYMPIAN, AND SO CAN A BUNCH OF MY OTHER MUAY THAI, SAVATE, JEET KUNG DO, KUNG FU, FRIENDS, thats wh

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  • possum
    Lv 7
    8 years ago
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    IOC sets some rules about entry to Olympics, but it defers to organizations - like WTF - to establish more technical rules specific to the sport. That is no different that what we saw with fencing, for example, where FIE established the rules on the point system and provided the (apparently) flawed clock. Besides, if you wanted to compete in fencing, you couldn't just show up and say "Here I am!" - you will have to show proviciency. That is all WTF is doing, nothing more.

    As to WTF, anyone can compete, but they need to be sure that you are experienced at fighting others who are familiar with the rules. WTF does not certify black belts, only instructors do that. There is nothing to prevent an instructor from awarding someone a black belt if they can meet the very basic requirements of doing forms, sparring, and anything else the instructor wants.

    As to sparring, there are very specific things you do that make it unique to other sports: punching is allowed, but you won't get points; striking areas are head and torso; striking mediums are extremely: punching with front knuckles only; or kick with ball of foot, heel, or instep. That's it: nothing more, nothing less. Other styles allow throws or other parts of body, but not taekwondo.

    So in a way, it's a safety feature. If you think you can beat an Olympian just because that Olympian only does Taekwondo, be careful going down that road. They are vicious competitors - better than 300million other stylists in this country. And the Koreans have a much smaller pool of talent who are generally better than us.

    Don't make the mistake of poking at a bees nest with a really good escape route. You will get stung.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    From what I understand, for at least the Olympics and for some tournaments it was for 2 reasons:

    #1: It was indeed a safety measure. That way, TKD vs. TKD, everyone would have at least something of an idea of what to expect, something they couldn't do (at least not as easily) if one person was an expert in TKD and their opponent was an expert in another style (regardless of whether or not said other style had a belt system).

    #2: Scoring - Limiting it to TKD specifically provides an across the board provides a standard by which to decide who beats who, particularly when two styles have a different emphasis would be paired off against each other. For example, TKD, which, when done properly, is a style that does striking with hands and feet (since "Tae Kwon Do" means "The way of the hands and feet"), while Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a grappling style. (After all, it's not like fencing - either you tap your opponent in the designated scoring spots with your foil or they tap you with theirs; no other method of fighting is recognized as far as point scoring goes, no matter what other types of combat training either person might have or use in the match.)

    We might not agree with it, but that's the way things are in life sometimes - people who we have no control over sometimes make what we feel are blanket decisions, right or wrong, and there's really not much we can do about it. WTF, along with every other TKD organization in existance, is not answerable to the International Olympic Committee, and vice versa.

    Do everybody a favor and check your ego in at the door. When you do that, you will see that life is not fair and that thinking you can run to court every time something isn't fair only makes you out to be a whiner.

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  • Leo L
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    The Olympics use the WTF as a filtering system. If it is important to you, join the WTF. Nobody will stop you. If you are good enough, you will make it through the filter.

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