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Can guppies give birth to a double sword tail guppy w/o contact?

My female guppies have never been in contact with any sword tail guppies.

One of my female guppies gave birth to a new batch almost a month ago. A few days ago, I realized one of the guppy fry's had a tail just like a double sword tail guppy.

I am not sure whether it is damaged or natural, but from my point of view - it looks natural since it looks unharmed by any other guppies that may nip its tail.

I am wondering what are the chances of a female guppy giving birth to a double sword tail when it has never been in contact with one?

Please note that this is not a guppy that I bought in stores, yet it is one that is home bred, as well as the rest within the tank - including the males.

Their parents passed away a couple of months ago where I bought them from a pet store.

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  • Dan M
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    7 years ago
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    Double sword, top and bottom only swords, round tails, and many other tail fin shapes were developed early by guppy breeders. By combining all the tail shapes, bigger fins were developed. So the genes from many of over a dozen different tail shapes are present in a modern guppy.

    There is a thumbnail above with 15 different guppy tail shapes and many of them will reappear with random guppy reproduction.

  • kelm
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    3 years ago

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