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pdooma asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 9 years ago

Has Obama just ticked off every Veteran's group in the US over the Ohio lawsuit?

Yes, there are 2 different viewpoints of the lawsuit:

1. Obama thinks denying all citizens the extra 3 days of voting disenfranchisement

2. Obama doesn't want to give military 3 extra days to get their ballots in

That said, the vets are really angry that it's even a question that military doesn't get every opportunity to vote. At least all the ones I know, and I know a lot. And we all have been unable to vote in an election at some point; it's a really hot button issue with vets.


Um. MTR, he's suing Ohio. It's not over the draft of the law which benefits active duty military.

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    I read the lawsuit. It doesn't fit easily into the sound-bite Dem v Rep narrative. It's clearly NOT intended to take away voting rights from anyone, particularly military and overseas voters. It's to fix a mess. The lawsuit asks to make everyone have the same deadline that existed in 2010 and reflect the clear intent of the Ohio voters to not make any changes to early voting while the referendum goes through the process.

    Ohio passed and signed into law 3 separate bills about early voting that contradicted themselves and have created great confusion. (This is why no one has ever repealed a law that is undergoing a referendum -- things get complicated.) It's sloppy legislation.

    The first bill ended early voting for EVERYONE during the 3 days before the election. A voter-initiated referendum to override that law will appear on the November ballot. (HB 194) It was a massive bill that affected many parts of the voting process. Because of the referendum, the bill won't be in effect for the Nov 2012 election. In this bill, military and overseas voters lost the 3-day window too, except that the bill forgot to actually change the language in one of the 2 sections of the specific Ohio Code, the one for military and overseas voters.

    A SECOND bill a few weeks later (long before the referendum was certified for ballot) attempted to fix parts of the first bill. (HB 224) The bill was intended "to make technical corrections to the laws governing elections", one of which was the military and overseas section from HB 194. The "fix" bill was passed as an emergency bill, which is referendum-proof. PROBLEM: If HB 194 is suspended for a referendum, this bill changes one section but not the other.

    A THIRD bill was passed and signed to repeal HB 194 entirely (SB 295). This bill did NOT change HB 224, only 194. This meant that the correction made to get the law back to the way it was pre-HB 194 IGNORED the changes in 224. Thus Ohio law as it stands has 2 different deadlines for the same group of people (Military/Overseas voters), and one deadline for everyone else that's 3 days earlier.

    AMVETS and other military organizations want to make sure that this doesn't set a precedent that says military MUST be treated the same. That precedent could then be applied in other cases that aren't so clear-cut.

    Follow that? Think that could be explained in a soundbite?

    @BEKINDTOANIMALS: Not quite. This only applies to early in-person voting. Regular absentee voting is unchanged. Overseas voters are unlikely to vote in-person.

    Source(s): Here's the lawsuit, via the Ohio State University law school: http://moritzlaw.osu.edu/electionlaw/litigation/Ob... Their analysis: http://moritzlaw.osu.edu/electionlaw/comments/inde...
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    6 counties in Ohio had different voting times and rules for early voting. This new law was just meant to make the whole state the same in each county. The DNC wants everyone to be able to vote through Monday or nobody to be able to vote through Monday before election day. They didn't seem to mind when it was only 6 counties. The Democrats claim everyone else is being disenfranchised from voting for those 3 days. As far as I know, my state doesn't even have early voting unless you have a reason. We do have absentee voting.

    It isn't like the military can take a couple hours off to go vote so I understand why they should be given extra time. How fast is the mail service in Iraq? The DNC and Obama are always saying everybody plays by the same rules to be fair but the military does have a different set of circumstances than most civilians. Progressives don't appear to want to allow for that, which isn't really fair. They seem to be stuck on sameness rather than fairness.

    Everyone in Ohio who is registered can vote early. Its just the cut off date that is 3 days less for civilians due to the weekend. Most military ballots would come through the mail.

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    I don't see how allowing people who are fighting for the country to vote early can possibly be a problem. It's not like they are some shady undeserving chumps. And really what difference does an early vote make? Even if I could vote early as a civilian how would that cause any problems?

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    Obama did not draft any voter registration laws.

    That is a state by state case.

    I think it is spin genius if the GOP can get the affected military voters to blame Obama for it.

    Oh they can still vote, they just won't be counted as Ohio voters.

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    9 years ago

    There are not two sides....there is the truth and the GOP irrational fear mongering side. Most Americans understand that Obama believes that denying voters the ability to vote early is wrong. Most Americans understand that it has nothing to do with the military or vets, and is solely about allowing thousands of ohioans the ability to vote....something your party wants to prevent from happening. http://news.yahoo.com/obama-campaign-sues-over-ohi...

  • Another FOX NEWS special.

  • 9 years ago

    the military is the only government organization 0bama hates.

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