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is there free software program to optimize my computer?

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    First if your laptop is greater than 5 years historic there in general is not much you are able to do or alternatively it is not worth the money to do anything. Second The fastest method to develop the velocity of your laptop is add some extra RAM/ memory to it. That is like the gas in your desktops engine and will aid the best, so if you are fascinated by growing the pace this will likely absolutely beef up things for you. 1/3 Delete historical files on the rough power that you don't seem to be utilizing. Temporary internet files, cookies and spyware and adware all is usually a actual drag on you laptop so delete you are not looking for them. The extra free house on the difficult power the turbo your pc will function. Nothing dramatic but slightly of an development. In the end After these steps you must detect some change however once more if the pc is historic & out of date, I advise shopping a brand new one.

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    TONS, here's 2 FixBee, Advanced SystemCare5 both free

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    Yes you can help the program as Advanced SystemCare,CCleaner,Unіnstall Tool.

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    Zorin will do that job It's fast stable and secure check it out here

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