Can I get a CTT job in the Navy with an MIP?

Will I be able to obtain a CTT job if I have an MIP on my record? I have no obligations to the court. It has all been handled. I just want to know if this will prevent me from my desired career?

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    8 years ago
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    If the C in CTT stands for Crypto then chances are you have to have a clearance. You would have to do a background investigation and you would have to put that on there. If it was a one time thing then they may look past it, but any smear on your record isn't good. Here is the really bad news. If you join the Navy, do your security clearance and you don't get the clearance guess what. You have to find a new job in the Navy, and it may not be one you like.

    Source(s): Navy Chief - Top Secret Clearance
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