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Jurassic Park IV plot ideas?

Know that JP4 is officially slated for a 2014 release date. (OMG I CRAPPED MY PANTS, THATS HOW EXCITED I WAS!!!) And we fans get the treat of having two awesome writers who did ROTPOTA (Rise of the planets of the apes for short. I was thinking of my own kind of idea. Ah hem. Here it is:

Its been 11 years since anyone's ever stepped foot on Isla Sorna, as time went on a bizarre phenomenon occurs as several bodies of lizard like creatures wash up the shore lines of Costa Rica. The U.S. Air Force quickly alerts InGen and they rush to collect the dead carcasses of the dinos. In a secret remote area of Costa Rica, the evil leader of the company Biosyn has successfully breed swarms of dinosaur's. (think of this as a cross betwedn resident evil and Terminator) The leader decides to release the creatures across the country, he wants to make InGen look bad and cause them to go bankrupt and shutdown. Crowds of people run as the dinos spread across the strests of the West Coast. Several years later, Biosyn has successfully taken down InGen, as the world crumbles and turns into a city filled with vegetation, as civilization have been affected by a disease that the dinos has transmitted across the country. a small group of soldiers decide to take down the bad guy, as thdy encounter several dinos and are hunted by advanced intelligent raptors. Thats all i got so far. Not sure what else to do. What you guys think.

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    Personally I'd rather see Jurassic Park and The Lost World remade. I'm a huge Michael Crichton fan. Have you ever actually read the books? Steven Spielberg butchered them. Critically acclaimed or not, they should be done justice.

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    Sounds interesting. One thing I do agree with is that they probably will do something with the dinosaurs getting into a more populated area (like the last 20 minutes of JP2) because something tells me that they'll worry about people getting tired of the concept of the characters once again on one of the same two islands.

    But. I might be surprised and they might find some way to keep it compelling.

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    How about this:

    The dinosaurs become civilized, and they form a basketball team called the Toronto Raptors and compete against humans in the NBA.

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    Lol....thats the plot that the writers are pitching for JP4

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