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Can someone write this in romanized Korean?

Like the English version? (Not the translation into English) Thank you! ^^ Currently I am learning Korean and trying it out, so I want to see if I said it correctly.

그녀는 날씬합니다. 그는 뚱뚱합니다. 그는 키가 큽니다. 그녀는 키가 작습니다. 나는 나이가 많습니다. 그는 젊습니다. 그 소년은 어립니다. 그 남자는 나이가 많습니다. 그 여자는 나이가 많습니다. 그 소녀는 어립니다. 그 여자는 키가 큽니다. 그 소녀는 키가 작습니다. 당신은 부자입니다. 나는 가난합니다.

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    그녀는 날씬합니다. Keunyeoneun nalssihamnida. She's skinny/slender.

    그는 뚱뚱합니다. Keunyeoneun ttungttunghamnida. He's fat.

    그녀는 키가 작습니다. Keunyeonuen kiga jakseumnida. She hasn't grown a lot.

    나는 나이가 많습니다. Naneun naiga manhseumnida. I've gotten a lot older.

    그는 젊습니다. Keuneun jeolmseumnida. He's young.

    그 소년은 어립니다. Keu sonyeoneun eorimnida. That woman's old.

    그 남자는 나이가 많습니다. Keu namjaneun naiga manhseumnida. That man's gotten a lot older.

    그 소녀는 어립니다 Keu sonyeoneun eorimnida. That woman's old.

    그 여자는 키가 큽니다. Keu yeojaneun kiga keumnida. That woman has grown a lot taller.

    그 소녀는 키가 작습니다. Keu sonyeoneun kiga jakseumnida. That woman hasn't grown a lot.

    Okay, the translation might not be 100% literal buut I hope this helped!

    I learnt Korean just a year ago and I'm fluent now! ^^;; Good luck with your learning!

    The Korean language is very interesting to learn! :D

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    geunyuneun nalssinhabnida. geuneun ddoongddoonghabnida. geuneun kigakeubnida. geunyuneun kiga jaksseubnida. naneun naiiga manseubnida. geuneun jumseubnida. geu sonyunneun uhribnida. geu namjaneun naiiga manseubnida. geu yujaneun naiiga manseubnida. geu sonyuneun uhribnida. geu yujaneun kiga keubnida. geu sonyuneun kiga jakseubnida. dangshineun boojahibnida. naneun gananhabnida.

    Good luck! Try to get help from a Korean speaker, even if she's not native born. I'm Korean American so I would know xD It'll really help...I help my friends learn Korean too LOL. have funnn!

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    koreans learn in Han gul mal. their letters. the one men and women that learn the language in romanized are westerners. haha. that was once the system for the leisure folks to be trained their language with no trouble. now, i learn and write such a lot matters in korean han gul mal. i used to be simply speakme to my freind the day past in seoul. all we used was once korean writing.

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    keunyeoneun nal-sshinhamnida. keuneun ttungttung-hamnida. keuneun gi-ga keumnida. keunyeoneun gi-ga jakseumnida. naneun na-i-ga manhseumnida. keuneun jeolmseumnida. keu sonyeoneun eorimnida. keu namjaneun na-i-ga manhseumnida. keu yeojaneun na-i-ga manhseumnida. keu sonyeoneun eorimnida. keu yeojaneun gi-ga keumnida. keu sonyeoneun gi-ga jakseumnida. tangshineun bu-cha-imnida. naneun gananhamnida.

    I'm learning korean too!

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