This weird think is happening with Yahoo answers...?

Suddenly, and randomly, it seems, I will get the "recommended" list of questions instead of the "open" questions. Why is this, and how can I just see the "open" questions every time? Thanks!


*thing. Geesh.

Thanks for answering! :)

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    It's happening because the beta Question Recommender is being tested out off-and-on with random users. Unfortunately there's no way to completely stop it from going to recommended questions, which is its biggest flaw.

    I don't like it much, which is why I made a comment about it on the blog (well actually 2 comments because the first one didn't show up right away) and suggest you do too: You could also post on the Suggestion Board. There are already several threads there about it.

    If enough people complain Yahoo! may improve it. You might have noticed that we haven't seen the "new" ratings system for quite a while. That was because of the feedback Yahoo! got about it.

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