Which NES Roms emulator is this?

Hey, I know that there is Max Payne, Crysis, Call Of Duty, Medal Of Honor,Daiblo III....etc games.

But I don't know how, My memory took me back to my childhood where we were playing these funny games, like Mario,Splatterhouse,Bomberman,PC kid..etc


Now please I remember we used to run an emulator that is called "PCE.exe" and it has an icon of (PC Kid).....

Where can I find this emualtor? If you got a link that would be awesome...

this is the a link for a picture of PC kid:


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  • 8 years ago
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    Best I found was PCE.exe was an Emulator called "PC-Engine" done for the TurboGrafx-16.. Not sure if its what your looking for..


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  • 4 years ago

    In the normal gist of copyright regulation (i'm now not a laywer nor a law scholar... But I've seemed into copyright law slightly on this question)... The one method which you can legally play roms for your pc with an emulator is if you happen to've performed the next: 1) own the games you desire to play on the emulator. 2) You created your possess ROMS from the physical copies you possess. You probably have finished both of these, you could legally play those ROMs from any system underneath the reasonable Use coverage of copyright legislation... Assuming that you simply on no account utilize the bodily replica & the ROM records at the same time (despite the fact that it's with extraordinary persons). Should you down load the ROM files, you're obviously breaking the law as you're downloading the files from somebody ELSE'S reproduction (now not YOUR copy). The one EXCEPTION TO COPYRIGHT law that may make this legal is that if the copyright holders both unencumber their recreation into the public domain (giving up their copyrights) OR grant a "private, Non-business License" (that means that they still possess the rights, however will allow participants to benefit from the sport for individual use best) to the public for his or her recreation. However, i'll observe that whilst what you are doing is breaking the law, the older the sport system you're emulating is... The less "legal warmness" will likely be upon you. As long as you're not distributing the games on-line (which does incorporate BitTorrent) OR offline, it's not likely you'll be able to get caught.

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