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Are airplanes really safe!?

i have a phobia for planes, not only am i completely paranoid about them but i suffer from vertigo and claustrophobia, for me going on an airplane is like russian roulette, theres always a chance of dying a rather horrible (and in this case squashed) death, Im going on a nine hour plane ride WITH a stop in a few days and I'm going completely bezerk, so i think it could help to hear from someone else if there really safe, so are they? is it in any way possible for any sort of bomb or terrorist to be on the plane? can turbulence crash a plane? do they know if bad weather is on the way? do airplanes have backups?? i no its a lot but you have to understand thats its no fun having a panic attack hundreds of kilometers in the air in a squashed cubicle full of people

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    Airplanes are as safe as you make them. Commercial air travel is extremely safe simply because the aviation industry has always been paranoid about safety. Hundreds of thousands of people in the industry are dedicated to providing for every possibility and preventing every possible mishap or accident. As a result of their efforts, flying half-way around the world in an airliner is safer than driving to the end of your street in a car.

    If you flew in an airliner twice a day, starting from the time the ancient Egyptians began building the Great Pyramid up to the present day, there's still a better than even chance that you would have never experienced an accident. That's how safe commercial air travel is.

    Bombs and terrorism are so rare that they aren't even significant, despite the media attention that they get. You're more likely to be struck by a meteor from outer space than you are to be involved in a terrorist attack on an airplane.

    Turbulence is unpleasant and annoying, but it doesn't hurt the airplane. It won't hurt you, either, as long as you keep your seat belt fastened. It's like riding in a convertible at high speed over a bumpy road: you'd wear your seat belt then, too. Most of the time there is no turbulence, though. And the only turbulence that can crash an airplane is the kind that is found in thunderstorms … which is why airplanes never, ever fly through thunderstorms, ever (they are easy to avoid).

    Pilots know about the weather at all times, because: (1) they've checked forecasts before departing; (2) ground radar provides continuous updates of weather conditions, which they can receive by radio or e-mail during flight; (3) air traffic controllers will also alert them to bad weather; (4) their operations centers will also alert them to bad weather via e-mail in flight; and (5) they have on-board radar that can detect storm activity as well. So avoiding storms is easy.

    Airliners can also fly in any type of weather. They have so many instruments and computers on board that the pilots can fly to their destination and land even if the windows are painted over—they can conduct the entire flight using just the instruments on the flight deck. And in poor visibility, on-board computers can land the airplane automatically, with the pilots merely supervising. Modern navigation systems are so accurate that they can tell if the pilot strays from the centerline on the taxiway on the way to the runway.

    Just about everything on an airplane has back-ups. There are multiple engines, multiple generators, multiple electrical systems, multiple batteries, multiple fuel tanks, multiple hydraulic systems, multiple pneumatic systems, multiple everything. People who are paranoid about safety have thought of everything. They've even thought of things that you haven't imagined yet, and they've provided for them.

    Airplanes are also extraordinarily well maintained. If your car were maintained as well as airplanes are maintained, you'd be able to drive the same car every day for your entire lifetime, and you'd never even get so much as a flat tire.

    You're more likely to be killed crossing the street at the airport to get to the departure terminal than you are to be killed during an airplane flight.

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    relax im 19 and have been taking plane rides since i was 8 terrorist acts and bombs are not like though there are some people that attempt to do that they dont really get a chance to get on the plane without getting caught and even the people that get on the planes that claim to plan to terrorize it they always end up being frauds, you have more of a chance of getting killed in a car crash then you would an air plane just relax after the first 45 minutes on the plane youll feel better about flying and remember theres always atleast 2-4 air marshals on every flight all over the world now a days so even if somebody tried to do anything they would be stopped and plane would be forced to land at the closest airport to get the lunatic off the plane and then the plane will be able to take off again after the plane is checked

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    first of all, calm down. (: everyone has this question when getting onto a plane. but .. security is very tight nowadays so itd be hard for a bomb or terrorist to get on. when there is bad weather, they usually delay the flight because of danger. Therefore you don't have to worry about weather because they check waayyy ahead of time. I have been on flights where there was shaking and turbulence but it passed and they put on the seatbelt light so you know to get strapped in. Also, the flight crew is usually walking around and helping people even when you should be sitting so they should be even more nervous. I dont think airplanes have backups...but they have safety routes to get out of the plane, life jackets, air masks, an amazing crew who will make sure you are safe if you are nervous or if anything does happen. Also, they give a safety/if anything bad happens "skit" before you get into the air. If you ever get nervous or feel like you cant breath ask the crew, and they'll be happy to help. The pilots try their absolute best if there were an emergency because they are trained that way. The possibility of any of this is probably slim but accidents happen and I wouldn't want to sugarcoat the truth. I think you should conquer your fear but if you know for sure that you're gonna get a panic attack, or get so nervous that you create a different illness to harm yourself..i'd advise you not to do it. but i've been on many plane rides and i've had the same fear but even with the turbulence and shaking, it finishes after a while. All you have to do is follow what the pilot/crew says and stay as calm as you can. the only thing is, you might have a really annoying baby who likes screaming their lungs out from behind you so I think theres a better chance of you being afraid about who's sitting beside/behind you :P

    Source(s): personal experience- especially with the baby screaming their lungs out part...
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    Load up an iPod with happy songs you love, and take it with you.

    You'll be surprised how much easier the flight is, since an iPod is so all-encompassing once you start paying attention to that.

    Of course pilots have things under control - if they didn't, they would be driving a bus.

    Planes take off and land all day long, probably at least as often as you see a car go by on the street. They don't fall on your house anymore than the cars drive through your yard - and yes, they pay attention to the weather every minute of every day.

    If your doctor has given you some anti-anxiety pills, take them and then listen to your iPod and relax. Honestly, there are many far more dangerous things to do than fly in a plane - for starters, driving to the airport. And don't forget to look out the window at the clouds - they're beautiful, and you never get to see them like that from the ground.

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    You're more likely to die on your drive to the airport than on the plane.

    Granted you can't guarantee they are 100% safe, but they have a significant number of safety features there for if there is an issue!

    Turbulance can crash a plane, but only if you were in some kind of horrific force 5 hurricane! Bombs and terrorists can in theory make their way onto planes, but this is incredibly rare. There are safety features designed to target this, and cockpits are reinforced to stop intruders. They have constant weather updates to avoid bad weather, and they have a power back up to allow a plane to try and glide-land if the engines fail.

    Try and relax, inform flight attendants you're a nervous flier and they will help as best they can

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    Statistically air travel is one of the safest forms of travel.

    The majority of systems are double or triple redundant, a 4 engine plane is designed such that it can quite safely fly on only 1 engine. Prior to take of the pilots know the expected weather all the way to the destination and if there are any doubts about safety then the flight wont take place or will be rerouted around any 'hot areas'. The cockpit is in both data and voice connection with the ground at all times and any change in the weather will be reported and any required flight plan changes can be made.

    On top of that the pilots are regularly tested in flight simulators that can reproduce literally any real world scenario, including simulated fires that fill the cockpit with smoke and require then to breath of masks.

    Source(s): Worked in the flight simulation industry.
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    I dont really like planes either, but they are much safer than cars(more people die in car crashes than in airplane crashes). Yes, there is a chance of dieing but there is also a chance of dieing just by getting up out of bed so there really isn't anything to worry about. My advice is to keep yourself occupied on the plane like reading a book(if i think about something i usually am more likely to freak out about it so just keep your mind on anything other than flying). Yes there is a possibility there could be a terrorist on the plane but that is highly unlikely especially with security nowadays.. (the checks are pretty good so if there was a terrorist he wouldnt be able to have a very good weapon because security would have found it and people would be willing to give their lives up to stop the terrorist and save everyone else(( my cousin was on a plane and there was a threat and he was ready to help but nothing happened. it was a miscall))) If something did go wrong(which is unlikely) the pilot is trained to land the plane safely or at the nearest airport.

    Source(s): Dont worry you should be fine.
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    Air travel is statistically the safest way to travel. After 9/11 airports make it literally impossible for any kind of bomb or anyone with some kind of weapon on board the plane. Turbulence is a normal sensation in air travel and it is very very rare for a plane to get damaged from this. Remember thousands of flights go out everyday and the pilots are very skilled in what they do. Relax and don't worry you will be just fine :)

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    Watch the show called Air Crash Investigation. it tells you how safe are MODERN aircraft. yes, there has been a lot of accidents last time but modern day planes are very safe because of their history. people in the aviation industry learn from their mistakes and they really do learn a lot. but hey, ya think cars are so safe? .... think again buddy ..... nothing is a 100% safe ..... its just a matter of how well the vehicles are maintained and the skills of the driver (for land vehicles)/pilot and the air traffic management. these people are well trained. so dont worry too much :) .... and one more, you can never beat nature .... no matter how good is your car's traction control system, it is extremely difficult to take a high speed corner on ice with rubber tires meant for road use ... almost impossible .... see what i mean? .......

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