Why do fans of celebrities act like they're famous?!?

Why do some celebrities' fans act like they're the celebrities themselves just because their fave knows them like Lady Gaga fans and Nicki Minaj fans? They dont reply to tweets and stuff like they're a celebrity themselves.

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    Those types are wanna bees, they can't become celebrities, so this in the next closest thing...

  • Erika
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    4 years ago

    The time period "superstar" comes from the identical root as "have a good time". These are men and women we've selected as a society to "have a good time." Those offerings don't seem to be constantly sensible. As some distance as your medical evidence that there are not any studying patterns pass, I were finding out schooling for 17 years and feature under no circumstances heard some thing however the entire reverse. I recognize that my studying form is distinctive than my spouse's. My pupils surely improvement in a different way from distinctive systems. In different phrases, there's no "one-dimension-suits-all" approach for educating or studying. I do agree that an excessive amount of concentration is paid to celebs.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    their such big fans of them that they wanna be them or be like them ... they know they cant become famous so they just act , its the closest thing to being them!

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  • Because your twitter followers justifies how important you are apparently.

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