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Did US Gov. ever find the Black Box from John Kennedy Jr plane crash?

Why doesn't the Wikipedia page on John Kennedy Jr's plane crash include as a possible cause Foul Play?

While it may not yet be common knowledge, there r energy weapons/devices (such as the laser used on the current Mars explorer Curiosity) which can be the cause of an unimaginable variety of Foul Play such as car and airplane crashes, cancer, heart attacks, seizures--all untraceable to the cause of energy weapons.

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    No because the single engine piper he was flying did not have one - nor do any pipers. he was flying under instument condition without any instrument training during IFR conditions. he was a VFR private pilot. had no GPS training whatsoever was drinking prior to take off ( from essex NJ where i saw him leaving a store with an opened bottle of wine 1/2 hour prior to his departure - 1/2 hour after my S76 landing the same airport and he was staggering). Tower to Tower data demonstrates he was flying in a rogue/unqualified manner setting TaCas alarms off all over alpha-bravo. EDIT: and by the way the only connection his plane had to the outside world was a COLLINS radio. So Much For Laser Control. Maybe ELVIS didn't like him.

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    In general, small planes did not have "Black Boxes." That was a requirement for large, commercial aircraft.

    JFK Jr. seriously blundered even taking off. Night flight is very close to IFR flight, which he was not qualified for. Over water, it is even more dangerous at night if you are not a qualified IFR pilot. Once he got in trouble, he should simply have turned on his autopilot and trusted it, all the away down to probably a slightly bumpy landing but he would be very much alive, but unknown whether he would have been wiser. It was a tragically, 100 pct avoidable accident.

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    Not required for that aircraft.

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