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Volunteering opportunities?

Im looking for different ways I can volunteer in my local community. I really am looking for religious free opportunities in my local area. I am in Fort Worth Texas and I am having a hard time finding something that is not affiliated with the church. Any direction would be great, thank you.

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    8 years ago
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    You could check the website "volunteer match". It allows you to select your city and see what opportunities are available. If you don't see anything you like always consider animal shelters and local red cross.

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    It is fantastic that you want to volunteer! Use this site: http://www.volunteernorthtexas.org/volunteers.html... Use their Volunteer Connection system to find the perfect opportunity for you. Contact the opportunities that you are interested in and they will assist you through the whole process. I wish you much luck in your volunteering experience!

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    Have a peaceful deep heart!

    If you commented on this opinion - to share it with you - it is so.

    It is good for you and any one to work with Lord God - Himself - in His sheep.

    Doers are few!

    Therefore, we ask Lord of sheep to send and bring workers to serve others under the good shepherd's love.

    Praying in deep heart, opened link. whole time. Heart be raised directly, in all physically conditions of entirely man. continues dialogues. Q & A.

    In most times, we see, and know - We go to help and work for those... it is nice!

    The work will be different in power's energy and results - when take Jesus with us in work - the boss.

    Meaning in simple expression is : Ask the Lord of sheep - Where , How , What You my Lord do I ?

    Lord will guide workers...!

    By mind - these words looks as outing from a drunk man - Workers always have many channels to hear voice of Lord “very clear " - Are witnesses. They will speak about what they hear, watch and touch of Lord.

    Lord accepts from followers giving a cold cup water to a thirsty one, who does will get reward.

    Bible shows how workers work, Amazing to be in touch with Lord. Love to God and every human.

    I am sure, you know more than my share. God may bless and lead.

    With best regards.

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