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0bama is so busy attacking Romney but what is his plan?

More proposed infrastructure. paid for by tax dollars not private enterprise

More unemployment benefits Paid for by tax dollars not private enterprise

Veteran Employment tax credit paid for by tax dollars not private enterprise

Small business will receive accelerated depreciation..paid for by tax dollars not private enterprise

Fannie and Freddie mortgages to refinance at sub rates paid for by tax dollars not private enterprise

So in a nut shell all of the solutions come from the tax payer.

If Unemployment is at >8% and the income is down due to unemployment where is all of this tax money coming from?

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    "Obama doesn't love America"....said Rush, "You know, before Marx there was no such thing as class-driven economics." Later, he said, "I'll tell you what. I think it can now be said, without equivocation -- without equivocation -- that this man hates this country. He is trying -- Barack Obama is trying -- to dismantle, brick by brick, the American dream." This gets very close to the truth, but actually it's not quite clear enough.

    Barack Obama is a Marxist, plain and simple. You don't need to know anything about his background, just listen - REALLY listen - to his words, and try to ignore his cool factor that has his supporters hypnotized. (By the way, if you ARE interested in his background, Obama's father was a leftist anti-colonialist subversive in Kenya, and his mother was a Marxist. His step father in Indonesia was also a Marxist. By his own account, Obama barely had any time in America to soak up any pro-capitalist, pro-freedom concepts at all.

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    If you like the results from what he has done so far, then you will like what he will do if he wins..

    Look, Obama may be willing to change his campaign talking points, that's minor; but he is a true believer in income redistribution, socialism, and the inherent evil built into AmeriKKKa. He is unable to learn from his mistakes or change his basic behavior. He couldn't change if he wanted to, and he doesn't want to.

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    Obama plans on taxing the rich. So most of the people that are taxed wouldnt evwn benefit from these reforms. In my opinion Obama just wants to say he will so these things so he will be elected.

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    It's pretty tough not to laugh when the fans of one team complain about the negative advertising from the other team. You may be surprised to learn your team is doing the exact same thing.

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    What's Mitt's plan? Is Mitt going to fix the infrastructure by selling it off and having his corporate buddies rent it back to us at a profit?

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    Obama's plan is being filibustered in congress..

    ironic that you mention that since Romney and the GOP have offerred no plan of their own

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    It took the presidents before Obama ten years to ruin the economy but you expect him to fix it in one year then you say he attacks Romney but romney attacks him to

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    His plan is to attack Romney. He really hasn't thought beyond that.

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