check out my players that i chose from my mock draft fantasy football 2012?

michael vick

desean jackson

eric decker

tony gonzalez

kyle rudolph

mike tolbert

legarete blount

lance moore

doug baldwin

beanie wells

brandon marshall

andy dalton

lions D

Robbie Gould

I think thats it im not sure

Many people rated it a 6 from 1-10

What would you rate it and who would you replace on my roster. This Isnt the order. I have 9 pick with a 12 team league. Mike tolbert was my last pick. Who would you replace on my roster to make this team better

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  • 8 years ago
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    I rate it a 4 Vick and Desean is a good combo. Eric Decker is a sleeper but Tony Gonzalez is aging and they have so many weapons with Julio Jones Roddy White Harry Douglas and Turner running game. Kyle Rudolph is a sleeper but then it goes all down hill. You picked Tolbert who will rarely ever touch the ball! Ok so D. Williams and Stewart fight over carries already then Cam Newton takes a ton of carries away too. Do not pick Tolbert again your lucky its a mock. Another guy is Blount do not pick him again he will not start. Doug Martin will take all the carries away from him because he is the main running back. Doug Baldwin are you serious seattle doesn't even know who there QB is yet thats a mess. With Braylon Edwards Sidney Rice Golden Tate Antonio Bryant there is barely any room for Baldwin. Beanie Wells is a shaky guy because Ryan Williams might take his carries away. Brandon Marshall is a great pick and same with Dalton. Lions D is not too shabby of a pick but overall you had some good picks but then some picks that were like REALLY? SERIOUSLY?

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    4 years ago

    you're tremendous for the QB and WR positions little question yet could probable be compelled to commerce Johnson for a real RB if this have been a actual group. Barber is robust yet they have 3 reliable RBs in Dallas. Jones is a beast yet is going to be a transformation of %. guy this season.Clark is robust of course. Mn reliable D, and Sproles is a robust low end #2 RB and could certainly produce greater desirable than Jones. You reported you probably did not care a lot approximately bench gamers so I won't remark previous the reality which you have a ways too many QBs even for not worrying appropriate to the bench.

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