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theme-based vocabulary 4 (28)

( Task:1 )

__________ soup is very expensive, and thousands of sharks are killed every year just for their _________.

In Chinese medicine, the __________from a squid is considered good for your health.

The huge Blue ________ has the biggest babies of any animal .

Even though it looks like a race horse, the _________ is the slowest moving fish.

Large ________ are built by little creatures called polyps, which leave layers of hard coral skeletons when they die.

Don't be fooled by the soft body of ________. Some can kill a human being with their __________, which is ________.

__________ don't have backbones. Instead, they have a hard outer shell,as well as sharp ________, to protect them.

( Task:2 )

Find a partner and have a competition to see who can write down as many sea creatures asthey can remember from the picture at the start of this unit.





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    Theme -based vocabulary 4(28)

    (1)Shark's fin











    (Task:2) Sea creatures











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    (12)(Blue) Whale

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