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Which records would you like to see being broken by your team players & which records are impossible to break?

Fastest Test & ODI's centuries by Viv Richards & Afridi.

20 wickets in a Test, bettering Jim Laker's 19 wickets in a Test.

1000 Test wickets, in career, to overtake Murli's 800 wickets record.

First team to get to 1000 runs in an innings, SL just missed that chance, with 953.

1st team to get to 500 in an ODI, again SL holds the record with 447.

(Pl. correct the figures, as I am writing without going to the record books, if they are incorrect)

Highest Test & 1st class score, currently held by Lara.

*Records which are virtually impossible to erase*

1. Sir Don's average of 99.94 is highly unlikely to be ever surpassed by another cricketer.

2. Jim Laker's 19 wickets in a single Test.

3. Tendulkar's 100 international centuries.

Pl quote your own records, which you reckon would be impossible to break or some records which you would like your team or its players, owning proudly.

Which also means current record holders make their countrymen proud of their achievements.

Pl share your views..

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    These records will never be broken..

    -Laker's 19 wickets in a match.

    -Sachin's 19000 or whatever ODI runs

    -Sri Lankas 953 Test runs in an inning (would hate cricket if some team played to surpassed that)

    -Sangakkara and Mahela 624 partnership (Again this was a winning effort, nobody want to watch 2 player bat for 2-3 days just to take this record)

    -Chaminda Vass' 8-19 in an ODI

    And these records will be there for atleast another 20 years (May be forever)

    -Murali's 800 test wicket

    -Murali's 534 ODI wickets

    -Sachin's 100 international centuries


    -Sri Lankas 443 ODI runs

    -Afridi's fastest ODI century

    Will be broken.. Specially in India on those flat pitches..

    And I would love to see someone ball over 170+ kmh..

    And do someone know who is the youngest Test player ever??

    Sachin?? Ashrafull??

  • 7 years ago

    I am proud of all those records owned by Sachin. I don't think he record of 100 international centuries will ever be broken as well as Don's 99.94 average. can't say with much assurance about Laker's record though.

    I would like to see an Indian breaking Murali's record of 800 wickets. 1000 runs in an innings and 500 in an ODI are not that attractive records. It would be nearly impossible to break Afridi's record too. Can't say same about Sir Viv's record though.

  • 7 years ago

    I would like to see my team win every single match in every format for ever.

    Largest winning margin against all teams in all countries that have international cricket.

    Have a leg spin bowler to overtake Shane Warne's records as a leg spin bowler

    First team to bowl out the opposition for 0 runs.

    The only records I believe will never be broken are:

    1. 19 wickets for 90 runs in a single test. Maybe 19 in a match might happen, but not 19 for 90.

    2. A test average of greater than 99.94 over more than a couple of matches.

    Tendulkar's 100 hundreds record will in all likelihood be broken and I think that Kohli is one of those who is capable of doing it if he can stay fit and play until his late 30's like most the modern great batsman have done.

  • Albert
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    7 years ago

    All Of Three (Sir Don's,Jim Laker's And S.Tendulkar's) Records Are Impossible,Will

    Stay Unbroken Very Very Long Time, May Be For Ever. As Well As Chewing Ball

    By Player That Record Also Stay Long Time Too.

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  • 7 years ago

    All records are meant to be re-written at some stage or the other. Some survive for long only to he dumped. For eg., the opening stand of 413 between Pankaj Raoy and Vinoo Mankad survived for about 60 years and thought it might not be broken. But, it has been broken by Smith-Ab de Villiers. The record of Jim Laker may survive for a longer period, as it is near perfect.

  • 7 years ago

    1)Kumble's 10 wickets in an inning(becaz, one can't get more than 10wkts in an inning).

    2)Yuvi's 6 sixes in an over in t20.

    3)Gibbs' 6 sixes in an over ODI.

    4)fastest 100 of afridi in ODI

    5)Don bradman's test average.

    6)Sachin's 100 centuries(may be broken by virat kohli)

  • 4 years ago

    Yeah! Seriously. Every race I watch breaks a record. I don't think they're doping either. Suits can't be a factor either because honestly how much can a suit really help?

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I think chaminda vaas 8 wickets for 19 in one day is also very difficult to break..that too for 19runs think so impossible..and the patnership between sachin and dravid in one day of 331 is also impossible to break..ganguly and dravid patnership of 318 is also difficult

  • 7 years ago

    Shaid Afridi 100 by 37 balls.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    100 centuries is possible, 99.94 avg is unique

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