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what in the name of god is wrong with my car?

I was on a long road trip from Pensacola to My cousins wedding in Tampa, hoping to spend a day in busch gardens and I my car has been acting up for the whole trip. I heading up Interstate 110 and suddenly my car suddenly made a loud click/pop sound that was loud as heck. The car then started shifting weirdly throught the gears, like something went funny with the automatic transmission. The car instantly dropped in speed to about 45 miles per hour, and I had to have my car FLOORED just to maintain that speed.

After that incident, I had to take an alternate route, and decided to drive on Highway 98 along the gulf coast, and take slower roads. I knew I had to make it to Tampa, and by the time I reached Panama City my car was making all kinds of grinding sounds as it drove. When it was idling the grinding noises stopped and the car sounded normal, but when I was accelerating, a always heard a POP POP POP POP sound, and then it started grating.

I kept having to stop for gas, as my car was running in such a condition that it ate through gas like crazy, and when I stopped for fuel in Appilachicola, the gear shifter wouldn't move. I just kept pressing on after fueling up, and several fuel stops later, I was on Highway 27 in Old Town Florida, and my TEMP GUAGE JUST KEPT CLIMBING. I was like, I know my car is malfunctioning, I just have to get to Tampa, and then once I'm there I can worry about getting it fixed. By the time I was almost to a hicktown called Chiefland my car fust died on the road, and was just shuddering and shooting up all kinds of steam. I tried restarting, but the engine turned but wouldnt start. I waited for it to cool a bit and It restarted, but it soon died again. I kept driving and restarting when it died for about ten times.

Finally as I was driving the engine started making horrible shrill squeeking sounds, and about five minutes later, there was a huge bang, and then dark black smoke started pouring out from the tailpipe, grill, hood, and into the cabin through the vents. I belive I saw some flames under the hood as well. I had to pull off near Homosasa Springs, wherever that is I am on Highway 19, and now after waiting for the smoke to clear, whenever I try to start the car, the engine doesn't turn at all, and it just goes CLANK loudly when I try to start the car, and there is a mixture of what looks like OIL AND COOLANT all over the place under the hood, and a huge piece of metal sticking out of a gaping hole in the lower part of the engine. I just sat there stranded doing what I learned in girl scouts a long time ago, blowing a whistle hoping to get the attention of a tow truck whenever one passes. What is exactly wrong with my car, and what do I do about my situation? I tried calling severa tow truck services out of Tampa, and they said that if they responded to my call, it would cost 350 BUCKS to get me towed back to Tampa, and I tried to honk the horn to get help, but even the horn wont work as the electrical system is mostly melted as almost everything under the hood is burnt.

I was eventually able to hitch a ride to the nearest greyhound station about 8:00 that night, and loaded up my belongings, and I am now in Tampa. I will be returning for the car on the way home, after my cousin's wedding and reception (the reason I traveled to Tampa, Busch Gardens was a side trip) and I will need some pointers on exactly went wrong, how it got to the condition its currently in, and how to fix it. By the way the car is a 1980 Ford Taurus. Please tell me exactly what went wrong with the engine/trannsmission/powertrain/electric… under the hood. I need to know how to fix it fairly cheaply? I am leaving Tampa tomorrow, and need some advise to what exactly happened to my car, and I need some tips as to a quick fix to at least get the car running so that I can get home, and have more serious mechanical work done to it?

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    From what you have said, the transmission had a problem, and was not shifting correctly. This meant that when you were driving, your engine was running at high speed. The engine overheated repeatedly, and eventually you had a catastrophic engine failure, with a piston rod failing and coming through the engine block.

    Your car is not a 1980 Ford Taurus, they were not introduced until 1986. I assume that was a typo

    Seeing as you are a Florida resident, if you leave the car on the side of the road, they will fine you more than the cost of having it towed to a junkyard. Your best bet is to pay the junkyard to take the car.

    The cost of repair (replacing the engine and transmission) would be much more that the car would be worth in running condition. It is time to get a different car.

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    You probably could have fixed it cheaply, had you stopped driving it when it started overheating. But now, you're F'ed.

    "When I try to start the car, and there is a mixture of what looks like OIL AND COOLANT all over the place under the hood." - Sounds like you've blown a head gasket.

    " A huge piece of metal sticking out of a gaping hole in the lower part of the engine"- Sounds like you've thrown a rod. The car is now DEAD!

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    Haven't we been here before?

    I think you had better just get another car, it would be cheaper. You didn't mention transmission last time, but the "gaping hole" in the lower engine says IT is stuffed, and now maybe your transmission as well?

    Forget it! the thing is 32 years old, "in the name of god"! Let him have it! It's dead!

    You still need to have it towed to a scrap yard.

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    There is no cheap easy fix. Sounds to me like you need a new engine and a transmission rebuild. Will cost more than the car is worth.

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