CM122 not working(airsoft)?

i got brand new cyma CM122 AEP i have charged the battery and put it in it will fire 4-5 shots then stop and wont fire when i take the battery out and slide it back in it will do 4-5 shots so i figure its a battery problem i have charged it long enough its NI-MH so easy to tell when its done chargeing the guns brand new so the fuse cant be out any ideas?


its not jammed either

Update 2:

whats a good replacement battery i usually take in my AEGs but i just spent most of my cash on the pistol so

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    it's probably a bad battery that can't hold it's charge

    since it's CYMA it doesn't surprise me

    you may need to get a new battery

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  • 3 years ago

    suitable deagle could desire to in easy terms be made for means and looks, at the same time as a walter may be able to be for overall performance. in case you opt for an ok gun yet with good looks and an invaluable call get deagle, yet overall performance bypass with walter.

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