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Is the IOC politically motivated in dealing with the use of strategies by players from different nations?

A swimmer from South Africa has admitted to cheating and a British cyclist said he deliberately crashed, but they'll keep their medals. However, the 4 paris of badminton players are disqualified and expelled from the event immediately after throwing matches. They are 8 Asian players, 4 from China.

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    It was a German cyclist. Nice try tho. And The British still have the most stringent rules in place to stop cheats in the world. We give lifetime bans and test throughout careers. My bad It was a British. Sorry edit

    That said, to anyone who actually has awareness; the modern Olympics were founded by Nazi sympathisers and always have been encouraged by countries that admire political power over freedom.

    Look at where the next winter Olympics are. They claim sport but really they are just.. insert word

    Source(s): And no I don't mean England or USA. I mean Russia and the friend of violent Nazism.. France
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    China is an financial success and a particularly modern nation - so you aren't suppose to have human rights problem. China may also be an agent of change for the reason that you can manage to pay for it, the communist process is a singular ruling party - this means that it's in manage of the nation. Other places are democracies/army - because of this no govt. Stays lengthy sufficient to outcomes trade. China of all international locations has the nice danger to strengthen human rights. It isn't rather political - because politically, all govt officers have 'tread gently' alternatively of harshly. Why - economically most realise the dependency on the chinese language for business. Take for example the language and tone used on Myanmar. Now - that is loads harsher and international locations can also be more freely expressive of the Junta. Africa, on the other hand, is negative, therefore the criticisms are gentler seeing that they be aware of they wouldn't have the resources to vary it. Some of them are run so corruptly and with insurgent troops in command. The UN and every person else had zero control/energy over it. That's why media many times give up on it. They do spotlight it, but they be aware of too good, there's no manner something is going to vary. Most are comfortable when there is no civil struggle or unrest - eg. Palestine and the middle East region. Do not wake the napping canine! Pakistan is required to fight the Taliban and insurgency. Hence, you don't criticise any person helping you. That's how they get away with it. Seem into the situations extensive and you'll realise why China will get extra berated than others.

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    You need to read the rules of the various sports, not sure about the South African but the British cyclist crashed within 50m of the start and I think that any failure in that distance is automatically deemed to require a restart. If you really think that the Chinese could not have used their political and economic muscle to overturn the verdict on the game which obviously broke rule 4.16 - "conducting oneself in a manner that is clearly abusive or detrimental to the sport.",you need to wake up! World class players should be able to lose without looking like this is the first time they have picked up a racquet!

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