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When will "Christian family values" put an end to teen pregnancy and divorce?


Why is it the majority of the pregnant teens in Texas identify themselves as Christians?

Why is it only the religious people (in Texas) who oppose contraceptive education in schools?

If Christians aren't abiding by their own "family Values" why should anyone else?

Update 2:

.PAT - Have you ever actually answered a question on this forum? I'm not talking about your hateful, nonsensical babbling - I mean an actual answer to the posted question.

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    So far it does not seem to be working. if it were a clinical trial, the idea would have been abandoned 10 years ago.

    But like most of politics and religion, it's policy and the evidence be damned.

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    First of all there relatively is not anything so much her mom and dad can do about it now. It happened, it cannot be reversed.Repent and make an apology and Inshallah you'll be forgiven. You have to communicate to her dad and mom in a mature topic and check out to understand what they're going through, shes handiest 15. Try to persuade them that you want to get married show them a greater part of yourself so any stereotypes they have of you decreases. If you don't get married than it is going to be more challenging but that's the outcome harsh but genuine, you would nonetheless need to help and be the father of that baby and below no circumstance should you neglect your child. One last essential note, where do you are living? Considering the fact that she's 15 i am beautiful definite that each in Canada and within the states 15 is under the legal age of consent. So that you could be in crisis with the law. And please do not kill your self that may be a really silly thing to do. If you don't handle yourself as a minimum think in regards to the trauma your dad and mom and the woman would go by way of.You may depart the entire problems on her shoulders, if you end up simply as equally responsible as she is for that baby.

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    Neither teen age pregnancy or divorce are immoral. The Bible says that you can marry (an exclusive agreement to be sexual partners) if you are past the blossom you her youth. It also command you to divorce a wife in Ezra 10, Sirach 25:26 and 1 Corinthians 5.

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    "Christian family values" are a standard to uphold, but there will always be sin and deviation. Just like laws won't prevent people from breaking and circumventing them.

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    the wont and cant if people will not follow them

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    When we are allowed to teach them in public schools as mandatory curricula.

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    I see you're still 'croaking' about free will, only now it is that we DO have free will.

    I enjoy watching your deft changes of position on that to suit your latest pet opinion.


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    Tickle me emo~ there is no god you hear me, noo god!

  • Anonymous
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    *ahem* they never will

    that is all

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    shame shame shame on them....

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