5 Multiple Choice questions about World War 2 in the US?

1. What was the effect of Korematsu v. United States?

Discrimination ended in war industries.

Internment camps were affirmed as legal.

Japanese Americans returned to their homes.

Executive Order 9022 was overturned.

2. Why were Japanese Americans placed in internment camps during World War II?

as a result of anti-Japanese prejudice and fear

in retaliation for Americans put in concentration camps by the Japanese

due to numerous acts of sabotage

because many were loyal to the emperor of Japan

3. What was the purpose of the "Double V" campaign?

to fight racism at home and abroad

to fight unfair price and wage controls

to fight the Nazis and the Japanese

to fight government regulations of the FEPC

4. Which of the following was a direct cause of the formation of the bracero program?

entrance of young men into the U.S. military

need for more workers in war industries in the West

rise of discrimination against Mexican Americans

decline of the rural population in the Southwest

5. Which of the following was affected by Executive Order 8802?

the branches of the U.S. military with soldiers fighting abroad

a factory manufacturing ammunition for the U.S. military

military bases and training camps used by the U.S. military

rural farms and agricultural companies near U.S. military bases

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