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Prepaid Greendot Visa Question!!!!! PLZZZZZZ!!?


So about 4 months ago I bought a prepaid card off of CVS. I loaded it with about 50 dollars and also paid the 5 dollar fee.

Then I spent ALL $50 on a game, so my account balance went to $0.

So, when I got my video game I logged back into my account online, clicked "cancel my card," and then entered my info again, and now it says it is cancelled.

They said they would send me a refund check of $0.. ? Or will they not? Either way, my account on the website is still working and that is what makes me skeptical. When I click, "view my account," though, it says has my card balance of negative $11.98 rather than saying cancelled..

But when I click "Close card," it says "This account has already been closed."

I believe they are still charging me the monthly fee, do you think i should leave it like that or call.

Thanks in advance!

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  • 9 years ago
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    Hi - Greendot and Money Pak are known bad actors. You write it accurately:

    "When I click, "view my account," though, it says has my card balance of negative $11.98 rather than saying cancelled.."

    the 11.98 is the amount that they will leave on your account, and report on the social security number associated with the card - so if its yours it is a BIG problem. Then only way I was able to resolve it was after several YEARS of contact with Greendot.

    IF your a minor, let your folks know asap. if thats not possible and I get that, then you may just have to pay the 11.98 they charged ya and then try and re-close the account.. THAT still may not work as there are many people here who have tried to close it out and greendot dosent do it,.,

    Let me know how it goes, and feel free to email me too - my contact data is in my profile

    Source(s): and as well as my extensive files on Greendot and as a consumer advocate for last 18 years..
  • zula
    Lv 4
    5 years ago

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