Majors for a prospective environmental engineer?

I am entering my senior year in high school this August, and am considering majors for college. After college and graduate work, I hope to be an environmental engineer, as my goal in life is to develop and encourage sustainability; while environmental sciences interest me, the careers associated with that field are not as intriguing and don't seem like they'd be as stimulating for me. Many of the colleges that I am looking at do not offer "environmental engineering" as a major, and many of those that do have better resources for other engineering majors. I was considering other majors as alternatives to environmental engineering, such that I can have better research opportunities and have other options for majors should I attend a school that does not offer "environmental engineering" as a major. I've considered, for example, Technical Engineering and Chemical Engineering.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Environmental E is primarily a graduate program. A Bachelors in Chemical E would be excellent preparation. Bio E and Civil e are also good preparation.

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