rate my pokemon team?

i'm making a team on soul silver just because its my favorite game and this is also my first competitive team so i would like to get some opinions

Starter: Aerodactyl

Item: Focus sash

Ability: Pressure

Nature: Jolly

Evs: 252att/252spd/4def

moves: Taunt

Stealth rock

Stone edge



Choice specs

Natural cure


Evs: 252special att/252spd/4hp

Rapid spin

Hydro pump

Ice Beam






evs: 252 health/88att/172spd

Baton pass

Swords dance

Bullet punch/pursuit ???



Shed shell



evs: 252hp/252def/4spd

Stealth rock


Brave bird



Flame orb



evs: 252att/252spd/4hp

Close combat

Mega horn

Stone edge




Natural cure




Soft boiled

Heal bell/Aromatherapy


i know i'm pretty weak to fire but i really like heracross skarmory and scizor. like i said this is the first team i've made and i is a noob :). help?


well ho-oh is banned. trying to make it to ou smogon standards http://www.smogon.com/forums/announcement.php?a=18...

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    Amongst most of the teams asked for revision on yahoo answers (I would give this 8.8 / 10), I would say this one is fairly good. However, there are some flaws or some small changes I would recommend:

    Aerodactyl - Did you mean 252 EV's in speed and not sp. def? If it was for speed, I would say its pretty rock solid

    Starmie - I would suggest running life orb since a choice specs set would usually entail trick, while a life orb one would have rapid spin

    Scizor - It looks like you mistyped as you have added 7 more EV's then you can. Asides that, I tend to find a life orb / choice band set works better:

    Scizor @Life Orb

    Nature: Adamant (+Atk, -Sp Atk)

    Ability: Technician



    -Bullet Punch



    EV Spread

    -248 HP

    -112 ATK

    -148 SP DEF

    Skarmory - I think running spikes over stealth rock would be better just because it does have the ability to take hits and set them up

    Blissey - I wouldn't suggest having BOTH softboiled and wish because you don't use both (with wish, you tend to use protect). Instead, I would replace the wish with stealth rocks since I recommend taking it off of Skarmory

    Heracross - the fire weakness as you stated is pretty big, as such I would replace this on with Heatran. In the OU metagame, Heracross can function, though Heatran can do a better job. Additionally, with flash fire, your fire weakness can be covered.

    +Heatran @Leftovers

    Nature: Calm (+Sp Def, -Atk)

    Ability: Flash Fire




    -Lava Plume

    -Dark Pulse (Protect)

    EV Spread

    -244 HP

    -44 SP DEF

    -220 SPE

    I personally love TormenTran and found it very useful. Unlike most sets, I actually run dark pulse over protect. You don't have to do this, but I like the extra flinch hax that occurs, and usually you are easily walled as in a normal set, the only attacking move is lava plume.

    Hope this helps

    Source(s): Smogon, Personal experience
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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Everything sounds good but Blissey. I would try to catch Ho-oh first because he is a good flying Pokemon and he can use Fire-type moves too.

    Source(s): Experience in Pokemon games.
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  • 3 years ago

    Suggestions in your staff.. Bronzong: all movements are well besides for extrasensory..Bronzong is psychic/metal sort and possibly U wanna positioned a few psychic movements there..however I feel earthquake is higher than extrasensory coz earthquake too can counter hearth that is Bronzong most effective weak spot (in case your Bronzong has levitate potential)..and in case your Bronzong has IV pace of zero and at ease nature, that could be well coz gyro ball will participate in its great.. Train EV for security..for spDef, U already obtained calm brain..by no means coach its pace to maximise gyro ball vigor.. Slaking: well movements..juz Slaking's targeted potential that make it worse.. Milotic: additionally has well movements..get replicate coat if U wanna make it extra unbeatable however the movements that it has now will have to be pleasant.. Dragonite: thunder wave is a well transfer to be paired wit Dragonite..I do not feel ice beam vital although coz Dragonite weak spot is rock, dragon, ice..additionally Milotic already has ice beam..and why it does no longer have dragon movements? Dragonite first sort is dragon and get outrage for its dragon transfer..If U wanna positioned flying transfer, get aerial ace rather of fly coz fly demands two turns and your foe juz transfer to rock/electrical poke whilst U use fly..aerial ace can not leave out additionally..get the transfer: dragon dance for extra assault and pace (almost always pace).. Torterra: Torterra well at assault so U could desire to make use of wooden hammer rather of giga drain..wooden hammer has extra vigor additionally and it is usin' assault stat at the same time giga drain usin' spA..different movements are pleasant.. Snorlax: well movements additionally..I additionally consider that it is just about unbeatable wit the ones movesets.. Hope this support n well good fortune at your wrestle.. Rate: nine/10..well movements, juz want for a few transfer benefit certainly for Dragonite..

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I don't think you need Blissey. But otherwise it is a pretty stable and balanced team.

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