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Could Romney take an American Company from $3 a share in 2008 (under Bush) and have it up to $19 today?

Well that's the GM Stock Price!!! Beat that Romney!!!

Obama 2012

Union Yes!!


Or would Romney just bought the stock for $3 a share and sold all he could to china for $6 and put his profit in a Cayman Island Bank!! and let China do the real Business Man's Work!!!

Update 2:

Shovel Ready, don't be stupid!!! If GM stock was down 50% from when Obama took the office the stock would be worth $1.50, the stock is down from yesterday's gain and has lost 50% 0f YESTERDAYS GAIN and that is $0.39 cents GM Stock was up to $21 but today it is $19.14 you need to stop listening to FOX NEWS!!!

Update 3:

John Hinkle;

You need to go look at Staples Stock, they are going under fast!

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    Let's not buy a pig in a poke. There's just too many shady things about Romney that leave us wondering. I'm still hoping that the GOP can find a decent candidate. Where have all the guys like Eisenhower gone?

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    I suspect he could if he had a few billion to throw at them.

    But let me ask this, what is Staples Stock going for today? You know Staples, a nation wide office supply store that employees nearly 90,000 US citizens that started from one failing office supply store bought by Bain Capitol.

    Beat that obama!!!!

    Romney 2012

    They are going under fast? Well the country is in an economic slump, many businesses that did not get millions of dollars form the government are experiencing down turns, Really your argument supports putting Romney in office. LOL

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    GM is down over 50% since obongo threw taxpayer money at its unions.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago


    That is what Romney does. That is his expertise. Turn arounds, solving problems etc..

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  • infused with taxpayer money even a chimp could do that

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