i am planning to convert my pertrol car to ELECTRIC VEHICLE....?

i selected a small hatch back- MARUTHI 800 in INDIA. The controller<stock> which is available in india is 72v 450amp peak and even 48v.i am using 12v100AH<other AMP RATING ARE WELCOMED> AGM DEEPCYCLE BATTERY OR LEAD ACID BATTERY. i want to cover a distance of 70km approx. daily. the weight of the car with petrol engine is 700kg approx. i am not able to decide the motor for this. i dont know the correct rating of the motor. most importantly to which motor to go either AC /DC/PERMANENT MAGNET MOTORS/SHUNT MOTOR / STEFFER MOTOR. ETC. I mostly drive single. i am planning to add a generater to charge the batteries for further KMS of run. pls suggest me the correct battery AMPS AND THE MOTOR FOR LONG RUN. i am not a fast driver but want a maximum speed of 80KM/HR <speed can be compermised a little>. but want to cover long distances .i wanna know the RATINGS and HP/TORQUE with the best RPM of the MOTOR. pls guide me. feel free to give me ur contact details so that i can clarify my doubts. skype conversations are also possible.

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    To answer a few of your questions, a DC motor is much better for a homemade electric conversion - AC motors do have advantages, but require much more advanced and expensive controller systems.


    You can use almost any electric motor that is rated for the voltage and current specs for your batteries and controller system. For example, if I multiply 72 volts times 450 amps, I get about 32 kilowatts, which translates to around 41 horsepower. You need to be sure your motor doesn't pull more power than this when under full load (or your controller will blow out.)


    You cannot use a generator to increase your driving range - the generator will increase drag and consume more energy than it gives back. You can use one for braking, if you want (this is called regenerative braking.)


    Lots of good advice for your project can be found here:



    You can save money on parts by buying from fellow hobbyists, here:



    Here you can look at a few thousand hobbyist-built electric cars:


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    You're asking a lot from people who aren't on hand. You would probably be better off looking at some of the hobby sites where they've already done conversions and such.

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    I do not believe you can convert a gas car to electric. Normally such conversions cannot be done for a reasonable price because of space requirements.

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    yes you can you just take a gernade and put it in the car fuel tank then the car will blast

    then you can buy a new electric car thus converting your old petrol car into electric car

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