Electric Key Meter - Sudden Drain Of Credit?

Basically, the electric meter has suddenly used up £10 in a single day. Sometimes even more. Being the IT nerd in the household, i'm being blamed for it. Now, I have a custom built PC. I bought more stuff for it recently. Thing is, the stuff I bought for it uses less energy. So instead of using say, 30w (not to realism...) it now uses 5w or 10w. So other than replacing parts with more power efficient parts, my PC hasn't changed. On top of that, a month ago, I could be on my PC, and have everything else on in my room all day, 10am till 9pm, and there would be hardly any drain. Now the electricity is being drained, it's all being blamed on me. Parents will not listen to the fact that I was out all day until 5pm yesterday and was on my computer for 3 hours, rather than being on it for 11 hours like I did in the past.

Short Conclusion:

A month ago I was on my PC all day everyday. Electricity usage was normal

The past week, i've hardly been on my PC, Electricity usage has gone through the roof.

Parents won't listen, I may as well talk to one of the walls in my house.

I'm familiar with the fact that appliances such as washing machine etc use a lot of electricity. The routine of them being on or off has not changed.

Sorry for the long post, but with no one to talk to and no one who'll listen, i'm ready to snap after being constantly blamed for everything (when i'm not even here).

3 Answers

  • 3 years ago

    Alternate to fees. Are you aware that you just pay rent for these key meters? You could pay a collection amount every month (eg I pay £25 fuel and £40 electric per thirty days, 2 mattress apartment) you pay the identical by means of summer time and winter so the very fact you dont use as a lot for the period of summer balances it out for the winter. For those who do use extra the organization will contact you and let you know but just to be on the secure side provide them a ring each couple of months, give them a reading and they're going to let you know whether you are paying ample

  • 7 years ago

    It sounds obvious but have you tried leaving your computer off all day and checking your usage? Failing that, I'd try the usage monitor as in the other answer. Do you have any sockets outside (for things like christmas lights) that someone could be using without you knowing?

  • 7 years ago

    I have a 1200w PSU in my pc, under full load I am pulling about 850w, and its costing me about £1.10 (including 2 27" screens) a day for the computer alone. £10 a day does seem to be too much.

    Get you self a plug in energy monitor for your computer.


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